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rin JG1VGX jg1vgx at jarl.com
Thu Oct 3 02:56:55 CEST 2013

Thanks for all your effort. I'm glad to hear the problem was now tracked down.
I'll test with new version later this week.

Thanks for comprehensive instructions. I hope I've followed them
correctly. I picked IC-7000 (hex 70h) because it's easy to remember.
You addressed all points we need to check in case of CAT problems. I
should have switched on and off CI-V Transceive to see if that
As to USB-Serial, I used all varieties including FTDI and ICOM's
built-in (Silicon Labs), but not legacy DB9 because I operate mobile
with a laptop. I don't want to imagine being with a tower PC in a

73 rin JG1VGX

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 7:21 AM, 9A5K <9a5k at 9a5k.com> wrote:
> Huh...
> I've got it working now in debug version..
> Because CI-V transceive was always turned on here, I didn't notice the
> problem.
> So, just short explanation..
> DXLog in polling process ask radio some information:
> VFO A frequency
> VFO A mode
> VFO B frequency
> VFO B mode
> Active VFO
> Split status..
> Some radios return this info with just one command, other needs more
> commands to get all responses needed.
> Usually, you can query radio in any order to get response, or you can post
> more commands in a row and then
> process responses as they are received from radio.
> With ICOM CI-V protocol, there is a small problem.
> When you post a command to radio, it will respond with echo of this command
> and after it there will be possible info response,
> the actual data you've asked for.
> But, if you post more commands in a row, for example ask for frequency and
> immediately after that ask for mode,
> you will get two echos back, first one for frequency, second one for mode..
> and only one response with data, usually second one (mode).
> So, now, ICOM CAT code is rewritten on the way that all commands in polling
> process are going to internal stacking queue, and they will be sent
> to radio as soon as response on previous command is received.
> If queue length is over 20 commands, queue is restarted (if radio doesn't
> respond in some period of time because of some error).
> I am just testing IC-756 PRO III here, no CI-V transceive is on, radio
> responds frequency in a rate of about 3 times per second now.
> With old code, frequency was responded sometimes once per 10 seconds?!.
> Any feedback will be appreciated.
> This will be included in v2.0.17..
> 73,
> Chris - 9A5K
> On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 11:22 PM, Bob Wilson, N6TV <n6tv at arrl.net> wrote:
>> Hi Rin,
>> OK, now you are testing with IC-9100, a radio that is so new that OmniRig
>> doesn't even list it.  Before you mentioned that you were using Icom
>> IC-706MKII (not IC-706MIIG, right?)  Let's concentrate on one at a time.
>> Each Icom radio has a unique hex address, and it is very important to get
>> this address 100% correct when using any software.
>> The IC-9100 uses hex address 7C (7Ch) by default (menu 61).  Maybe try
>> changing it to 6A temporarily, and set radio type in OmniRig to IC-7800?
>>  Or use a different radio type if it more closely matches the IC-9100, and
>> use the hex address for that different radio instead of 6A or 7C.
>> Use Menu 62 to set CI-V OFF, and menu 60 to set the baud rate (maybe do not
>> use AUTO?).  Then set the same setting in OmniRig with radio type set to
>> IC-7800.
>> It is also much better to use a  real serial port than a USB-to-Serial
>> adapter.  Icom radios also require the CT-17 level converter or equivalent
>> if they don't have a DB-9 serial connector on the back.  What are you using
>> to convert USB to RS-232 to CI-V?
>> Anyway, for the IC-9100, with OmniRig did you try:
>>    1. CI-V Transceive to OFF
>>    2. CI-V Address 6A
>>    3. CI-V Baud 9600
>>    4. OmniRig, Rig = IC-7800
>> And set radio type in DXLog.net to OmniRig?
>> If that doesn't work, you will need to turn CI-V Transceive ON, set Radio
>> Type to IC-7800 or similar in DXLog.net, and set the CI-V hex address to
>> match whatever radio type you select in DXLog.net.
>> *FYI Win-Test gets best results from Icom radios by selecting "Don't Poll"
>> and "Use CI-V Transceive" *but DXLog.net doesn't seem to have these options
>> (I guess they are the default).  I get the feeling polling doesn't work
>> well with Icom radios, which may explain why you're having so much trouble
>> getting OmniRig to work.  It could also be the USB-to-Serial adapter.
>> 73,
>> Bob, N6TV
>> On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 11:13 AM, 9A5K <9a5k at 9a5k.com> wrote:
>> > Hi Rin...
>> >
>> > Actually, I am using ICOM radios.. hi
>> > IC-756PRO III works fine here, IC-7400 too..
>> >
>> > I'll check it once more today before 2.0.17 will be released.
>> >
>> > Omni-Rig should work. Can you send me port config screen shots to check
>> how
>> > did you set it,
>> > just to be sure?
>> >
>> > Thanks.
>> >
>> > 73,
>> > Chris - 9A5K
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73 de rin JG1VGX

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