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9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Tue Oct 8 09:55:47 CEST 2013

Hi Denny.

MR was missing in RGX check entry. I have to change config file to use
multiplier list instead of regex check in this case, so we doesn't need to
change it on multiple place in config file. MR was added in custom list,
but was missing in regex check line for recinfo field.

Stack trace is appreciated, please send it directly to my e-mail. I suppose
that problem was that you had two different config files with same CONTEST
AppData\DXLog.net\Contest directory, but need stack trace to check this.

Uninstall doesn't remove AppData\DXLog.net directory, because it is created
during application start.


Chris - 9A5K

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 5:02 AM, Denny Sahovic, KX7M <radio at kx7m.net> wrote:

> I found another problem from within CA. I could not log MR - it was
> missing from the CQP.txt contest definition. Minor fix. The problem was
> when I tried to copy the modified version to a XP machine on the network
> (right after SW close), I could not open the DXLog.net (version 2.0.17). It
> was failing on the initializing contest list. There is an unhandled
> exception just as the program closes.
> Restoring old CQP.txt, removing DXN file, and even reinstalling DXLog.net
> did not help. Funny is that uninstall does not completely clean all
> installed data. After installation, I still had my data when creating new
> log. Maybe there is something in registry or AppData folders left over
> after installation.
> In any case, if interested I can send exception stack trace (in flyspray?)
> Denny, KX7M
> On Oct 7, 2013, at 15:18, "Dave Zeph" <zephd at indy.rr.com> wrote:
> > I modified the CQP.txt Contest file to enable Prefill of the County from
> a
> > Callsign History File supplied by W1UE.  I knew it would be necessary to
> > overwrite some Counties because not everyone goes to the same county
> every
> > year.
> >
> > However I found that DXLog always automatically prefilled the callsign
> from
> > the Callsign History File - regardless of the County entered in the Log
> the
> > first time a station was worked.  To get the Log County entered, it was
> > necessary to delete the County name that had been prefilled, and then hit
> > the spacebar several times.  If this was not done, the Prefill County
> Name
> > took precedence.  Information from the Log Database should always take
> > precedence.
> >
> > I often use CONTROL-ENTER to add calls of previously worked stations to
> the
> > Bandmap.  With Win-Test, calls of previously worked stations added to the
> > Bandmap are displayed with the same Font and Color of stations recently
> > worked on the Band.  While recently worked stations on a Band were shown
> in
> > Italics, previously worked stations added to the Bandmap were shown in a
> > non-Italic font - the same Font & Color as NOT-WORKED stations.  Worked
> > stations should be shown in the same font.  It was hard to differentiate
> > between previously worked stations added to the Bandmap and NOT-WORKED
> > stations "parked" on the Bandmap to be tried again later.
> >
> > There's still a problem with using ones OWN CALL to overwrite the entry
> of a
> > mislogged call.  I had a case where I added a call to the log only to
> find
> > that the band took a big fade and the station I was working could not
> > receive my report.  When I entered "W9PA/4" to overwrite that QSO, I
> found I
> > also had to enter a Dummy Received Serial Number and Dummy County Name in
> > order for DXLog to advance to the next, blank log line.  I think it ones
> > CALL is entered, DXLog should just add ---- to the remaining fields when
> > ENTER is pressed.
> >
> > Otherwise DXLog worked very well.
> >
> >
> >
> > 73 -- Dave, W9PA (ex-W9ZRX)
> >
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