[DXLog.net - Support] Version 2.0

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Mon Sep 9 09:48:26 CEST 2013

Hi everyone.

Version 2.0 build 10 is available for download at http://dxlog.net/sw .
We had some problems with sending emails on support mailing list, but now
this should work without any problems.

In case of any questions, bugs, feature requests etc. just send email to
this mailing list (support at dxlog.net).

Big thanks to Bob, N6TV for many hours/days spent in testing new version to
discover all the bugs I am able to produce.
Thanks Bob.

Still a lot of things to develop, stay tuned.

Any feedback is really appreciated.

List of new things added in V2.0 is here.

Ver 2.0 (08-Sep-2013)
- Version numbering is changed as of version 2.0
- Footswitch PTT function on serial port (DSR pin) is now available.
- Software interlock is available now.
- Number server is implemented.
- Multi op band / mode change counters are available and can be defined by
category in config files.
- SO2R is now supported.
- Fixed CW keying problem with COM port 10 and above.
- UBA Contest rules changed for year 2014.
- SCWC config fixed because of problems with special letters in category
names when using Win8 OS. (TNX YT3W)
- Tesla memorijal local YU V/U/SHF contest is now supported. (TNX YT3W)
- New option added: Redefine keyboard keys (Text command: DEFINEKEYS).
- New text commands added: SETUP (configure interfaces) and WRITELOG
(Export cabrillo file)
- GTC CW Cup Config changed: new rules for 2013.
- Serial port communication is now fully moved to low level API access.
- New contest supported: OK1WC Memorial HF Contest. (TNX YT3W)
- New SO2R boxes supported: Microham MK2R/MK2R+/u2r. (TNX Jozef OM7ZZ from
- Standard cw messages editor available.
- Search and Pounce mode implemented.
- User can select between Run/S&P mode with Ctrl+Tab (Radio1) or
Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Radio2).
- Additional cw messages available (editor + msg 1..12 with macros
- Added search and pounce messages set (available in editor and SHIFT + key
- Sprint exchange logic implemented. (TNX N6TV).
- CW Shortened spaces implemented. Can be enabled or disabled.
- Country files can be selected between CTY.DAT, CTY_WT.DAT and
- SO2R Scenarios editor implemented.
- SO2R Scenarios can be used in Advanced SO2R mode.
- Active scenario can be selected on menu or shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+1..8)
- Active radio, Headphones and Stereo RX mode control is now possible on
serial ports.
- Zoom level on bandmap is saved in and restored from configuration file.
- If $CR macro exists in CW message when esc is pressed, $CR macro is
executed anyway.
- New option available: Options->DX Cluster->Reconnect default DXCluster at
- BUG fix: Keyboard mode was sending spaces between each character.
- The "<" and ">" keys now works as field navigation.
- OK button is now default one on SETUP screen.
- New text commands: REOPEN/RELOAD and REOPENNOW/RELOADNOW - reopens
current log
- CTRL+K, CTRL+A and CTRL+E key combinations now works on entry fields.
- CW speed is saved in and restored from configuration file.
- CW leading zero and abbreviation settings are saved in and restored from
configuration file.
- Hide QSO numbers setting is now saved in and restored from configuration
- All fields except callsign field are in overwrite mode now.
- New text commands: VER/VERSION - shows about screen.
- Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+Shift+Down now navigate through
- When in repeating mode, pressing F1 while CQ is running, stops current
CQ, and restarts new one
  from the start.
- Changed max length RecInfo field for CW Open contest to 12 characters
(contest txt config file changed).
- Cursor position in field is now remembered and restored while scrolling
through log with up/down arrows.
- Message keys F1..F7, INS and PLUS are accesible in keyboard window.
- Esc key now closing keyboard window if TX isn't active.
- BUG fix: there was a bug in procedure for processing cat data from
Kenwood, Elecraft and some Yaesu type of radio.
  The exception was not properly handled and serial port communication was
immediately closed.
- DXCluster Announcements window display options are now saved in and
restored from configuration file.
- Recent opened files list is available in File menu. Last 4 opened logs
are remembered.
- New option added: Options->Load contest at startup->Enabled/Disabled.
  If enabled, most recent log file is automatically opened after
application start. Default is disabled.
- Microphone muting functions while using Sound card as DVK implemented.
  Works on older Windows (XP, 2000) and newer versions (Vista, Win7 etc).
- New option added: GOTO Qso (Shortcut CTRL + G). Jumps to desired QSO
number in the log.
- New option added: Options->CW->Remap keys in keyboard mode.
  If checked, KEY remapping works when CW keyboard is active. Default is
- New option added: Options->CW->Work dupes (Text commands:
  If work dupes is checked/activated, $QSOB4 macro doesn't send QSOB4
message if QSO is dupe.
- NumLock key is now ignored as key for redefinition.
- New option added: Commands->Operator login (Text commands: OPON/LOGIN,
  If operator is logged on, callsign is associated with any new qso logged.
  Also, operator callsign is used for different voice memories
(subdirectory is equal to logged on callsign).
- New option added: Options->Interface specific options->Allow different
TX/RX antenna.
  If checked, TX and RX antenna can be different (selected with ALT + F11 /
F12 keys).
  TX/RX antenna is automatically switched before PTT ON and after PTT OFF.
  Default is unchecked.
- New option available in config interfaces screen: PTT Tail Delay (ms).
- Network protocol is changed. DXLog.net V2.0 will run on new network
- New option added: Tools->Data entry->Enable ESM mode (Text commands:
  If checked, ESM (enter sends message) is enabled. Default is unchecked.
- New contest supported: RCC Fieldday.
- Bug fix: when CAT interface was active on two radios, polling function
was sharing same address space. Now it is
  changed to run in different address spaces. (TNX N6TV)
- New option added: Options->Log->Stay in field while moving up and down in
the log. Default is checked.
- Bandmap function: Alt->Doubleclick - put frequency in opposite vfo.
- Bandmap function: Ctrl->Doubleclick - quickly delete desired callsign
from bandmap.
- New text field editing shortcuts implemented: Ctrl+B, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+F,
Ctrl+W, Ctrl+K.
- DXCluster monitor window (ALT+O) now shows connection name and status in
- Multi-threading functions are recorded for better internal
synchronization and more stability.
- New contests supported: NA Sprint, NCCC Sprint.
- New text commands available: AUTORELOAD / NOAUTORELOAD (same function as
Options->Load contest at startup->Enabled/Disabled)
- New text commands available: CLEARLOG / CLEARLOGNOW (delete all qsos from
active log file)
- New text commands available: COPYLOG / COPYLOGCLEAR (copy active log file
to new log file with timestamp added to name)
  In case of COPYLOGCLEAR command, log is copied as empty, without any qso
in it.
- New option added: Edit->Delete all qso (same as CLEARLOG text command).
- Export Cabrillo file now has default name same as active log file, with
different extension (.log).
  User can change it in dialog available before saving.
- New text command available: BYE (same as EXIT / QUIT)
- New text command available: NEW (same as File->New)
- New text command available: OPEN (same as File->Open)
- New text commands available: NET/NONET & NETON/NETOFF (enable/disable
DXLog.net network communications).
- New text commands available: NETCONFIG (same as Options->Configure
- New text commands available: ILOCK/NOILOCK & ILOCKON/ILOCKOFF
(enable/disable DXLog.net sw interlock).
- New text commands available: CTYFILES/COUNTRYFILES (same as Options->Data
files->Country files).
- ICOM 746 added to the list of supported radios.
- New callsign database for Serbian HF Cup (YU Local contest) is included
in new release. (TNX 9A1AA)
- Cabrillo import is now fixed when fields are optional or different and
depending on DEST parameters.
  For example. (NA Sprint, NCCC Sprint etc).
- Double click on Check callsign or Check multipliers data now immediately
scrolls log to clicked qso.


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