[DXLog.net - Support] Suggestion: remove ++/-- from default CW messages to help RBN/CW Skimmer work better

Braco OE1EMS oe1ems at emssolutions.at
Wed Sep 11 20:03:28 CEST 2013

Hi Bob, 

i am not quite sure about this. I spoke with many people and most of them 
told me exactly same what you wrote here about ++/-- and CW skimmers!

We at E7DX we noticed very low number of spots in CW contest on RBN 
and started to change our messages.
Standard msg was like "++++test---- e7dx e7dx"
Then we added CQ remove ++++ ---- more or less all possible options
and there was no real success. Nr. Of the spots left in compare to other
very low!

In compare when I was operating from OE (OE3K) no matter if +++/--- or CQ
or what ever
Number of spots were always ok. So I think there is not much difference
using ++/-- or not!
I think it´s E7 pfx which is somehow difficult for CW skimmer 
Maybe somebody have other idea why we have such low nr of spots... please
let me know!

I like very much ++/-- option and since we didn’t saw any change according
the number of
the spots on RBN we would like to use it in future and as well with (E7)
DXLog !



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Betreff: [DXLog.net - Support] Suggestion: remove ++/-- from default CW
messages to help RBN/CW Skimmer work better

Through post-contest analysis, I have discovered that CW Skimmer and
SkimSrv, which feed the Reverse Beacon
will spot stations *much* more often if they send CW at a *constant speed*.

If you want to be spotted by these networks more often during contests, do *
not* use "++/--" to speed up and slow down in the middle of messages.

Of course any DXLog user can easily edit all the .TXT files to change the
defaults, but I think it would be best if DXLog.net defaulted to *not*using
++/-- in any default messages, to help all those who are less aware of this
issue.  Others who think that it is more important to save a few
milliseconds than to be spotted often can still use them whenever they want.

Maybe a good compromise would be to leave ++/-- in S&P messages, but not in
RUN messages (because the RBN posts spots of CQers, but not S&P stations,
when it is working right).

Bob, N6TV
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