[DXLog.net - Support] Suggestion: remove ++/-- from default CW messages to help RBN/CW Skimmer work better

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Wed Sep 11 20:10:40 CEST 2013


I was actually thinking to add new option in Option->CW submenu, for
example ignore ++/-- in RUN messages.
So we can leave messages by default with ++/--, and if someone wants checks
previous option,
this will be ignored.
Of course, this setting will be remembered in config.

BTW. Final testing of WAEDC QTC's here in progress, with many other things
fixed now.
Also floating window bug is solved.

Short list of some of the things which will be added in new build:
- Double click on Check callsign or Check multipliers data now immediately
scrolls log to clicked qso.
- Tools->Repeat loop option was broken (txt command was OK). Fixed now.
- Redefine keys wasn't working properly when destination key included Shift
modifier. Fixed now. (TNX DK5TX)
- OmniRig is now supported.
- ADIF import is redesigned and optimized for faster import.
- The hyphen or minus key (-) quickly activates/deactivates Split mode.
- Command line arguments "-n" or "--noautoload" can be specifed to override
Load contest at startup option.
- WAEDC contest - DX side QTC sending is now enabled.
- WAEDC contest - added info messages for number of QTCs
available/received/sent/in stock etc.
- Floating windows option was broken. Now fixed. (TNX DF1LX)
- Check multipliers window data was display only for MULT1 field. Now it
uses first field in sequence MULT1, MULT2, MULT3
  which isn't empty. (TNX DK5TX)
- QTC network messages added. QTC synchronization is on and data is
synchronized between stations in network.
- Options->Log->Fonts->Large wasn't properly restored after log opening.
Fixed. (TNX G4BYG)

This will be uploaded soon.


On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Braco OE1EMS <oe1ems at emssolutions.at>wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> i am not quite sure about this. I spoke with many people and most of them
> told me exactly same what you wrote here about ++/-- and CW skimmers!
> We at E7DX we noticed very low number of spots in CW contest on RBN
> and started to change our messages.
> Standard msg was like "++++test---- e7dx e7dx"
> Then we added CQ remove ++++ ---- more or less all possible options
> and there was no real success. Nr. Of the spots left in compare to other
> very low!
> In compare when I was operating from OE (OE3K) no matter if +++/--- or CQ
> or what ever
> Number of spots were always ok. So I think there is not much difference
> using ++/-- or not!
> I think it´s E7 pfx which is somehow difficult for CW skimmer
> Maybe somebody have other idea why we have such low nr of spots... please
> let me know!
> I like very much ++/-- option and since we didn’t saw any change according
> the number of
> the spots on RBN we would like to use it in future and as well with (E7)
> DXLog !
> 73s
> Braco
> E7(7)DX OE1EMS
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> An: DXLog.net Reflector
> Betreff: [DXLog.net - Support] Suggestion: remove ++/-- from default CW
> messages to help RBN/CW Skimmer work better
> Through post-contest analysis, I have discovered that CW Skimmer and
> SkimSrv, which feed the Reverse Beacon
> Network<http://www.reversebeacon.net>,
> will spot stations *much* more often if they send CW at a *constant speed*.
> If you want to be spotted by these networks more often during contests, do
> *
> not* use "++/--" to speed up and slow down in the middle of messages.
> Of course any DXLog user can easily edit all the .TXT files to change the
> defaults, but I think it would be best if DXLog.net defaulted to *not*using
> ++/-- in any default messages, to help all those who are less aware of this
> issue.  Others who think that it is more important to save a few
> milliseconds than to be spotted often can still use them whenever they
> want.
> Maybe a good compromise would be to leave ++/-- in S&P messages, but not in
> RUN messages (because the RBN posts spots of CQers, but not S&P stations,
> when it is working right).
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
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