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Oliver Grossmann olli at bretzi.de
Thu Sep 12 18:00:48 CEST 2013

Hi Chris,
I tested just 2.0.11 after i installed last weekend Version 2.0.10. 
Looks very nice for me. Thank you for all your work.

I found one odd thing:

If i click on a DX-Cluster announcements with a single click. It is not 
possible to double click on this spot any more if you are staying with 
the mouse on the same field.

An Example:
If i first single click on the frequency and after i double click on the 
belonging call, everything works as expected, but if i first single 
click on the frequency and double click the frequency field after some 
moments, nothing happend.

Also i discovered if you single click twice in a field of the DX-Cluster 
announcements, you can edit it.

I guess it is just a matter of a locking the content with a flag.


Olli, DH2WQ

Oliver Grossmann | DH2WQ | oliver.grossmann at bretzi.de

On 11.09.2013 20:41, 9A5K wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Version 2.0.11 is now available for public download.
> There are some bugfixes from last days and there are some new features
> added.
> Any feedback specially regarding QTC's before WAEDC this weekend is really
> welcome.
> Here is a short c/p from release notes:
> - Double click on Check callsign or Check multipliers data now immediately
> scrolls log to clicked qso.
> - Tools->Repeat loop option was broken (txt command was OK). Fixed now.
> - Redefine keys wasn't working properly when destination key included Shift
> modifier. Fixed now. (TNX DK5TX)
> - OmniRig is now supported.
> - ADIF import is redesigned and optimized for faster import.
> - The hyphen or minus key (-) quickly activates/deactivates Split mode.
> - Command line arguments "-n" or "--noautoload" can be specifed to override
> Load contest at startup option.
> - WAEDC contest - DX side QTC sending is now enabled.
> - WAEDC contest - added info messages for number of QTCs
> available/received/sent/in stock etc.
> - Floating windows option was broken. Now fixed. (TNX DF1LX)
> - Check multipliers window data was display only for MULT1 field. Now it
> uses first field in sequence MULT1, MULT2, MULT3
>    which isn't empty. (TNX DK5TX)
> - QTC network messages added. QTC synchronization is on and data is
> synchronized between stations in network.
> - Options->Log->Fonts->Large wasn't properly restored after log opening.
> Fixed. (TNX G4BYG)
> More to come soon..
> 73,
> Chris - 9A5K
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