[DXLog.net - Support] Feature Requests or wishes ...

PeterK pkfalkensee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 11:12:33 CEST 2013


maybe this is something for your "ToDo" list:

1. "Sort of selectable contest based on Monthly base"
For sure most of the contest are in the same month every year - some are 
based on small deviations like only on public holidays, which are not 
fixed like Easter ...
Could you create the possibility to "sort" the contests based on monthly 
base? It may be easier to select a contest, which is somehow running at 
this weekend and the name is "not" known :)
2. DXpediton mode:
could this mode expanded to a "logging" mode - that mean in the 
"contest" ALL qso´s which are within DXlog existing are available or 
accessible. I believe that a lot of contester will use DXlog as 
"standard" log to get new DXCC announced out of contests.
3. CAT must be checked e.g. every 5min.
If the connection to the transceiver is broken - this will not be seen 
from DXlog. That is a must to be solved. E.g. if RF disturbs the 
connection - it will not be seen from the OP.
4. Is it possible, that for DXpeditions log the date will be shown in 
the QSO window?
5. If a cluster is not available - automatic try to connect the next one 
in the list.
6. Command like "sh/dx/60" may be sent if a cluster is connected - will 
show already the existing mults without manual interaction
7. Include the commandline for Cluster in the cluster window - maybe useful
8. show different colour within the cluster window if a announcement is 
a new mult
9. count the announcements for each band and show a trend to have best 
efforts in QSO/Mults (N1mm have this nice feature)
10. it is possible to switch Mode for CW and SSB via typing this as 
string in the callsign area - RTTY is not possible - maybe nice for 
DXexpeditionsmode + automatically start of mmtty or ...
11. maybe more ...

That maybe nice addons or not.

Greetings Peter DF1LX

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