[DXLog.net - Support] V2.0.12 is available for download

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Wed Sep 18 21:05:44 CEST 2013

Hello everyone.

DXLog.net V2.0.12 is now available for public download.

Just a short info what's new/fixed:

Ver 2.0.12
- microHam internal DVK keyer is supported now.
- SSB bargraph added. Active during recording / playing DVK messages on
sound board.
- Tooltips with additional informations are added on Bandmap windows. (TNX
- Fixed DXCAnnouncements window double click problem. (TNX DH2WQ)
- DUPE text is now shown in mult column if worked QSO is DUPE. (TNX N6TV,
- Double click on callsign at Check partials and N+1 window now grab
callsign into actual QSO entry window.
- New contest supported: DRCG World Wide RTTY. (TNX DM5TI)
- ICOM 746 radio was ICOM 746 PRO. Renamed. (TNX SV1DOO)
- New radio support added: ICOM 746.
- CW timing issues. Added internal compensation factor. Should be more
precise now.
- Network ping message introduced. If response is not received in 30
seconds, network is restarted on client.
- Sending spots (ALT+F3) was disabled when connected to other dx cluster.
Fixed now. (TNX R9IR)
- Adding QSO notes (ALT+N) command is now available.
- BARTG SPRINT and BARTG SPRINT75 splitted in two config files.
- BARTG SPRINT and BARTG SPRINT75 config corrected according to the rules.
- New contest supported: TRC-DX Contest. (TNX F5IN)
- New option added: Options->Interface specific configuration->Use MMVARI
center frequency correction
  Default is checked.
  If checked DXLog.net will calculate actual frequency as frequency from
radio +/- MMVARI carrier center frequency.
  This corrected frequency will be used as actual bandmap frequency,
dxspotting frequency and stored as frequency
  where qso was made.
- MMVARI new options added: Sound card RX, Sound card TX.
  Allows user to choose which sound card will be used for RX and TX in each
of the MMVARI Radio windows.
  Default value is windows default sound card setting.
- New contest supported: Wednesday mini contest. (TNX RZ3AZ)

Chris - 9A5K

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