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9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Thu Sep 19 09:12:07 CEST 2013

Hi Vlad.

Regarding RUN1/2 indicators.. soon we will have new window available with
some operating info's.
For example, current mode, CW speed, repeat mode etc. will be moved to that
new window.
So, maybe this will be a place where we should move also RUN and S&P
indicators, as well as Station
type. Text commands will be added too.

Also, good idea regarding macro number reservation..
In that case, macro processing should be splitted in two parts.
It's already in progress, because I need this for macro processor when
using DVK.
For example, in case of advanced SO2R usage in SSB contest, let's say that
CQ macro looks
like this: $R2$R2 $F1 $R1$R2...
So, macro processor should work like this.
Step 1: Process $R2$R2 macro command.
Step 2: Start DVK, play message 2 and wait for message finished event.
Step 3: Continue to process macro ($R1$R2)... etc..

So, in the case of macro reservation, algorithm should work on the similar
1. Start processing macro. If you find number reservation macro, send
request for number.
2. Wait for number reservation, when response is received, continue message

If response isn't received in Step 2 (DXLog.net currently allows maximum of
500ms for lockout response in sw interlock),
notify user and stop processing message.

Reserving number with macro commands will allow different scenarios
regarding number reservation,
depends of user requirements.

Thanks for the idea.

Chris - 9A5K

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 5:52 PM, SOUZKABEL <souzkabel at yandex.ru> wrote:

> That's great!
> That's what we needed!
> I would like to see an indicator RUN1 RUN2   in the Clock windowand add
> new text commands  RUN1 RUN2
> I have some idea NOT to reserve of S&P  station a serial number by SPACE.
>  because S&P station many checks for duplicates by SPACE
> For RUN station it works properly when enabled ESM
> if it does not actively move the cursor to another field and it is
> possible that when the RUN station number 001 and sent at this moment MULT
> station 001 also reserved
> We make the test as it works
> Maybe   it makes sense for S&P Station to do it by  macros for example
>  $SNLOCKOUT (serial number lockout) at the moment when sending response.
> installation macros for S&P message  F2 in  CW and SSB with DVK
> in SSB when not in use DVK  S&P station use any other line F1-F7  ISERT or
> PLUS  for manual reserve
> Thank you !
> Vlad R9IR
> 18.09.2013 17:31, 9A5K ?????:
>> Hi Vlad.
>> Number server is used in case when serial number synchronization is
>> necessary to ensure
>> that each station sends right number.
>> In network options, you should start this only on one computer.
>> On all computers in network, you should enable option in menu
>> (Options->Networking->Use number server).
>> Computer where number server is started should also have previous option
>> enabled.
>> In that case, after pressing SPACE key in callsign field, each station
>> will ask server for number reservation.
>> Reservation is cancelled by pressing ALT+W (F11), and if it's last
>> reserved number in network it can be reserved again.
>> For example, this is useful in WPX contest in Multi/Single environment
>> where you're sending serial numbers in sequence
>> from 001 to last qso. And if you have one RUN station and one MULT
>> station, both interlocked, you should enable number
>> server to be sure that numbers are sent in right order..
>> However, this feature is still in test phase. I've made some tests and it
>> works fine, but we will see soon how it is working in real conditions.
>> 73,
>> Chris - 9A5K
>> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 11:20 AM, Souzkabel <souzkabel at yandex.ru <mailto:
>> souzkabel at yandex.ru>> wrote:
>>     Hello Chris !
>>     What does a button "Start number server" in the configuration of
>>     network
>>     parameters ?
>>     R9IR Vlad
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