[DXLog.net - Support] V2.0.13 available

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Fri Sep 20 17:38:31 CEST 2013

Hi all.

V2.0.13 is now available for download.

Added some new things and fixed some old problems with threads.

There are couple of new contests added, I am not quite sure about the rules
for QSO parties, so if anyone is interested, please test and let me know if
something is wrong.
Also, some issues with network are now fixed. There was a problem when more
servers are running in the network.

As usual, here is the list what's new/changed.

Ver 2.0.13
- Fixed MMVARI baud rate was reset to default whan changing sound card
- Fixed "File in use" error when downloading CTY_WT_MOD.dat update. (TNX
- CQP: changed dupe calculation from band/mode to band/mode/county. (TNX
- New option added: Tools->Data entry->Exchange guessing.
  User can select between 3 options:
  - Pressing the space bar
  - Automatically
  - After timeout
- CQ WW scoring for NA<->NA stations was wrong. Fixed. (TNX NQ4I)
- DX Spots in network didn't propagate to clients monitoring window
- Spot station (ALT+F3) and Talk to DXC (ALT+T) are now enabled when
network is enabled.
- CTRL+TAB was switching RUN/SP mode always on radio 1, and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
on radio 2.
  It's changed to:
  CTRL+TAB switch RUN/SP mode on primary (active radio)
  CTRL+SHIFT+TAB switch RUN/SP mode on secondary (inactive radio) (TNX N6TV)
- Dupe info wasn't refreshed in SCP windows when double qso check mode was
based on received info field. (TNX N6TV)
- DXCluster talk messages are now shown in GAB window.
  Talk messages can be responded in GAB window by selecting destination
callsign for GAB message.
- New contest supported: Polar radioman contest. (TNX 9A1AA)
- New contest supported: Georgia QSO party.
- New contest supported: Florida QSO party.

Chris - 9A5K

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