[DXLog.net - Support] Importing log problem

Hector Garcia XE2K j_hector_garcia at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 22 21:37:08 CEST 2013

HI Chris  and group

I'm trying to import my daily dx log to  DXLOG, this is a ADIF File around 2500 q's
I try it several times starting a new log because was the only option to load a ADIF file , if not log is open or created
just the CABRILLO or EDI options are available 
When selecting the file  with an open log -- clean no QSOs-  window appears and say that will be cleared, OK, works fine
second later another window that claim the file was imported in 0.00012 seconds ### of qsos etc
but after that the log hangs and  do not move from there,  the only way to get out was close and cancel
later delete the file.
I made the operation several times in my  W7 64b Computer   and also convert that log from  ADIF to Cabrillo  but
the contest name of DXPEDITION is not accepted

Will like to load that log file  to really test-use  DXLog 

Have some others requests or questions about future implementations for DXlog but will
like to  start with the basic, I really like the log and i'm sure will be a great hit in the Contest community

J.Hector Garcia  XE2K / AD6D
Mexicali B.C  DM22fp / El Centro
P.O.Box 73 
El Centro CA 92244-0073
Tweeter @XE2K

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