[DXLog.net - Support] DXLog.net v2.0.15 available now

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Wed Sep 25 18:25:04 CEST 2013

Hi all.

Version 2.0.15 is available now.

Please note that there are couple of important things added for upcoming

RTTY is supported with two additional decoders, MMTTY and 2Tone.
You can choose which one you want to use for primary and secondary decoder
for each radio in Options->RTTY configuration menu.

Of course, MMTTY and/or 2Tone decoder should be installed somewhere on your
system before usage.

Also, there are many other things fixed/added, you can find the list at the
end of this message.

Once again, thanks for all reports, tests and ideas.

Ver 2.0.15
- Network time synchronization was running when Number server was enabled.
Fixed to run only
  when Time synch server is running. (TNX R9IR)
- Network GAB messages were shown on all network PC's, without checking
  Now fixed and GAB messages is shown on all PC's only if message
destination is "ALL" or when client
  responding to DXCluster talk message. In other cases, GAB message will be
shown only on PC which
  station ID is same as message destination address. (TNX 9A3ZA)
- Network GAB messages are now saved by default to history file and loaded
when log is opened.
  User can switch this off by unchecking "Save to history file" pop-up menu
option in GAB window (ALT+I)
- DXC Cluster stream and DXC Spots are now saved to history files. This can
be switched off in
  DXC Announcements window (ALT+A) and DXC Cluster window (ALT+O).
- CW Keyer stop message was delayed until next CW element was sent. Fixed.
- When using DIGI modes, if macro message contains $LOGGEDCALL macro
command and current logged qso callsign is
  empty, DXLog.net automatically grabs last known (highlighted) callsign
from TX/RX window. (TNX 2E0SQL)
- MMVARI window was opened in BPSK mode by default, even if contest was
RTTY only. Now changed so that during window
  initialization new mode is set to currently active mode for radio. (TNX
- When using keyboard and longer text (for example from macro) was sent, if
user closed keyboard window by clicking on
  X in right upper corner, TX was iddling after message was sent. Now
changed on the way that TX is stopped immediately
  if keyboard window is closed (by clicking X, or button). (TNX 2E0SQL)
- New shortcut introduced: CTRL+PLUS now silently save QSO when ESM mode is
- MMTTY RTTY decoder is now supported.
- 2Tone RTTY decoder is now supported.
- New options available: Secondary decoder for Radio 1 and Radio 2.
- Options->RTTY configuration menu is now available.
  User can choose primary/secondary decoder type for each radio. Default is
  MMTTY / 2Tone decoders should be installed before usage.
- Fixed OmniRig frequency "rounding" problem.
- CW word spacing is now corrected to right values.
- Options->Log menu is now shown also as context popup-menu after mouse
right click in the log. (TNX N6TV)
- When Alt key only was pressed, top menu was accessed. Now fixed. (TNX
- Additional CW/RTTY messages can be transmitted from editor window
- Installer now remembers installation directory from previous versiona and
in case of upgrade,
  it will propose same installation directory. (TNX N6TV)
- New contest supported: CNCW (EA local contest).
- Live score mode fixed for CQ WW RTTY contest.

Chris - 9A5K

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