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Hi Alfonso..

OK regarding CW delay, that's already fixed and will be available in
Regarding bandmap, double click on callsign changes ActiveVFO frequency,
and ALT + Double click sends frequency to inactive VFO.

Default messages are defined within each contest config file and initially
after creating new DXLog.net (.DXN) file, they are stored with default
values in that file.
Maybe we can add some kind of profiles which can be stored / restored on
user request, that's something what we have to think about.
Of course, Options->CW menu probably should be renamed in case of RTTY mode
to Option->RTTY ..

FSK.. you're right, currently DXLog.net supports AFSK mode. I think that we
should expand RTTY configuration screen and allow user to choose between
FSK and AFSK modes there.

RTTY screens... background color actually changes background color visible
on the edges of the form. You should change Stream background color to
change the background color
where data stream is displayed (white by default).

Thanks for your report Alfonso.

Chris - 9A5K

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 10:40 PM, EC7AKV Alfonso <ec7akv at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, I'm Fonsi and my call is EC7AKV, just say I'm testing the program
> and I am very happy with it, I see that still lacks things and others are
> upgradable, so here is my contribution and I encourage you to continue in
> this line.
> In CW I have the problem (I think already commented) that the spaces are
> long in its delay.
> When I click with the right-mouse button on the map of bands, I would like
> to send the Q. / Estacion interested to VFO-B, is quite useful when you are
> in running with the VFO-A.
> I note that the macros for RTTY are the same as for CW but not specified,
> this can prove to confusion since the macros to be within the CW option>
> Modify standard messages, many people probably do not know how to modify
> the RTTY macros, in my point of view and where possible would be nice to
> have separate macros for these modes.
> I see no possibility to tell TRX DXLog want AFSK RTTY, so when I switch to
> RTTY mode, the team puts on RTTY, an option saying if FSK (RTTY) or AFSK
> (USB-LSB) and in the case AFSK ... otyra option that USB or LSB mode, I
> think it would come from wonders for those who do not have FSK and not have
> to manually change the Transceiver.
> Following RTTY, RTTY writing LOG field and give the intro, would it be
> possible to launch the engine we have by default, without having to go to
> the windows option to make it visible?
> When I tell you to change the background screen RTTY, I only modified the
> edge, leaving me inside intact.
> My conditions:
> Icom IC-706MKIIG
> Homemade Interface Digi-CW-CAT (AFSK)
> Windows XP Professional SP3
> Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz, RAM 1Ghz
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