[DXLog.net - Support] A feature wish - "AutoSend"

Jan-Eric Rehn jan-eric.rehn at telia.com
Fri Sep 27 16:49:27 CEST 2013


I would love to see "AutoSend Threshold" - "Number of characters entered 
after the last prefix number character before sending starts, or zero to 
disable" - as it is done in N1MM (text borrowed from N1MM).

I always use that and it gives a very smooth run when in CQ mode. If I have 
that value set to "1" and answer f.i. "SM3CER" I type "SM3" and wait a very 
short while till I got the whole suffix "CER". When I type "C" the sending 
starts and I've got lots of time to finish the call with "ER".

It also take care of a call like "EA8/SM3CER", because when "/" is found the 
AutoSend don't start until the character "C" in the suffix is found. So - I 
type "EA8/SM3" and wait till I got the whole suffix "CER" before I type "C" 
(when the AutoSend begins) and again I've got lots of time to type the last 
two characters "ER" during the transmission. If I in this case should not 
use the AutoSend feature "EA8/SM3CER" should call me again before I typed 
that long callsign. I send "EA8/SM3CER 5NN 001" and then silence or lots of 
other callers. I have to send it once again or even twice before 
"EA8/SM3CER" understand that I was calling him. Lots of wasted time...

73 de Jan, SM3CER
(mostly SF3A in contests) 

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