[DXLog.net - Support] Observations Using the DXLOG at the CQWWRTTY

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Sep 30 05:24:11 CEST 2013

On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 7:11 PM, Hector Garcia XE2K <
j_hector_garcia at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> the module only allow capture  the ZONE number  but there is no space  for
>  the STATE or PROVINCE during the CLICK in the screen
> need to be used the space bar and write the state next to the zone, making
> that manual

I couldn't figure out how DXLog.net was pre-filling the Zone.  It didn't
seem like it was looking it up in cty_wt_mod.dat properly.  Some JA
stations were not even listed in zone 25?

> the ESC do not cancel  the F keys message when you  press 2 or more times
> or 2 keys one after the other , you need to wait to pass all the
> message

Right, Escape it stops the message, but it doesn't clear the buffer like
you expect it to.

> ERROR message
> WndTXProc.CPP waveoutWrite  error line154

I think that must be part of 2Tone not DXLog.net.

> TXfsk switch case 0:error  clic cancel
> and later again the same error window
> this error made that the 2tone rx window show all received text is blue
> like the transmitted message , after  one more tx from me the
> color in RX back to black and blue for TX

I used MMTTY for transmitting FSK, 2Tone and MMTTY for receive windows.  I
couldn't get MMVARI to work inside DXLog.net, even though it works OK

> The freq reading in the  VFO A in the bandmap and also the logged  is
> different

Yes, try Options -> Interface specific options -> Use decoder freq
correction (uncheck this option and frequency display should be fixed).

REQUEST  if is possible  for later updates
> Will like to be included this options:
> --Check partials do not allow to select with  the mouse (click) the call
> and get inserted in the  entry area.

This seems to work already (was new in 2.0.12), but you have to
double-click on the call in the check partial window, not single click.

--Will like to be able to get access to the F keys (keyboard) clicking any
> screen from the LOG (Digital, check partials, status, etc Not only the main
>  log window)

Maybe you are using Options -> Windows -> Floating?  Try using the other
option; all the Function keys seem to work OK when any DXLog.net window has
the focus.

But it would be nice for DXLog.net to automatically grab the focus every 5
or 10 seconds like N1MM does.

> -- Be able to expand or contract the BANDMAP to see more a detail the freq
>  where was the QSO  I will like to see 30-40 khz at most

First, consider using the LIST tab in the bandmap, to see all spots.

Second, you can press Alt+Scroll wheel up/down while the mouse is over the
window and it will expand or contract.  Funny bug, Ctrl+mouse wheel
up/down, both directions make the window smaller! :-)

--- Get an easy access key or where to click to select standar  and S&P
> message

Ctrl+Tab swaps Run and S&P modes and messages (status shown in clock
window), but first type RUNSP [Enter] in the logging window to enable
RUN/S&P switching.

Bob, N6TV

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