[DXLog.net - Support] Observations Using the DXLOG at the CQWWRTTY

Ulf Schneider uschneid at posteo.de
Mon Sep 30 07:42:03 CEST 2013

Hello all,

I used DXLog for CQ WW RTTY too and it performed very well. Being lazy 
and not an RTTY operator at all up to now, I simply used the included 
MMVARI and I was really excited that everything was set up and working 
within less than 2 minutes. Frequency correction worked and the Band Map 
showed all spots after adjusting the RTTY band edges in bandplan_0.txt. 
The plan was to give out some points for two hours or so, but it was so 
much fun, that I stuck to the radio for almost 12 hours altogether.

Most zones were correct and typing in a state instead of 
double-clicking was OK for me, as I'm quick typer. If you put the $CR 
macro at the end of the [+] message, you have plenty of time to get it 
in there. I hardly used the mouse, except for marking the callsign.


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