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Giuseppe Giunta - IT9VDQ it9vdq at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 11:24:04 CEST 2014

Great Chris, thanks.... Gius, IT9VDQ

Il 02/08/2014 11.10, 9A5K ha scritto:
> Hi everyone.
> New version 2.1.6 is now available for public download.
> Ver 2.1.6
> ------------------------
> - New contest supported: NRAU NAC Open V/U/SHF Contest.
> - New contest supported: NRAU NAC 10M Contest.
> - New contest supported: IARU Region 1 Fieldday (RUS). (TNX UA6AA)
> - Fixed perfomance issues when huge amount of spots are received from
> DXCluster (or Skimmer).
> - New option available: Tools->Data entry->Use INSERT mode in RCVD fields.
>    Switch to INSERT mode instead of OVERWRITE mode in all RCVD fields.
> Default is not checked.
> - DXCluster reconnect functions are implemented now.
>    If DXCluster can't be connected, DXLog.net will try to establish
> connection again each 30 seconds.
>    In case of inactivity, if there isn't any data received from DXCluster in
> period of 120 seconds, DXCluster
>    is disconnected and reconnection procedure is started.
> - EDI export is expanded to include bonus for WWL's worked (CWWLB tag).
> (TNX RO2F)
> - EDI info tags are now prefilled with info from Contest config screen.
> (TNX RO2F)
> - Bandmap is now automatically expanded to enable visibility of higher
> frequencies. (TNX RO2F)
> - Final score calculation custom formula regional setting wasn't set to
> "en-US". Fixed. (TNX KB9S)
> - Goto QSO window (CTRL+G) was accidentaly replaced by Target QSO per hour
> window. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)
> - IARU R1 DARC contest config file. Cabrillo line definition fixed
> according to the rules. (TNX IK2JUB)
> - HQ database lookup added for IARU HF Championship and WRTC 2014 Contest.
> - VHF/UHF/SHF contest definition can used bonus points per band. Added in
> EU V/U/SHF definition.
> - New networking options available. UDP type broadcasting can be used now
> for local network. Also this
>    can be used in combination with client/server infrastracture which enable
> usage of multiple subnets, routing etc.
> - OTRSP compatible devices are supported now. Currently tested with YCCC
> SO2R+ box. (TNX OE1EMS/E77DX, S58A).
> - Available QTC number is now visible in Bandmaps. (TNX IZ3EYZ).
> - Hide dupes and invalids are now separated as two choices in bandmap popup
> menu. (TNX IZ3EYZ)
> - Morse Runner integration implemented. You can now simulate contest if
> Morse Runner is active.
>    Simulation is started with menu choice: Tools->Data entry->Enable Morse
> Runner simulation.
>    PageUp/PageDown can be used as rit control (Up/Down arrows in Morse
> Runner).
> - COM object called DXLog.net.COM.COMInfo is now available. It provide some
> information need for integration with
>    external applications. First implementation will be used for adding new
> plugin for ACOM Tools application, to send
>    frequency data to ACOM 2000A amplifier. COM object can easily be accesed
> from simple vb or java script, or another
>    application.
> - New contest config key available: ADIF_KEYS.
>    It can be specified multiple times. It's used to specify ADIF export
> definition. Contains key+value pair, separated by ";".
>    Key = ADIF key. Value = C# expression for evaluation. $VALUE in
> expression contains reference to DXQSO object.
> - Export to ADIF for IOTA contest now exports IOTA reference too. (TNX
> 9A2NO, DK8ZZ)
> V2.1.7 development is already in progress.
> Enjoy.
> 73,
> Chris - 9A5K
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