[DXLog.net - Support] DXLog.net version 2.2.6 is available

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Thu Dec 11 20:26:48 CET 2014

Hi everyone.

DXLog.net version 2.2.6 is now uploaded in download folder.

Here are release notes for this version:

Ver 2.2.6
- When previous QSO was edited and saved, 10 min rule checking method was
  In this method, part of code to check if 10 min rule is needed for
category was missing. Fixed. (TNX IU3AZC, IK2NCJ)
- If different CW speed for Radio1 and Radio2 was used, only last changed
speed was saved and restored to both radios.
  Now changed to save each cw speed separately and restoring it correctly.
- Bandmap options "Enable single click selection" and "Display multipliers
only" wasn't saved and restored properly. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)
- Commands->DX Cluster->Default comment option added. If set, this comment
text will be added to each spot sent to DXC. (TNX 9A1AA)
- DXN files are now associated to DXLog.net.exe during installation. You
can open log file directly with clicking on it. (TNX IK2NCJ)
- Migrated SQLite dll to version 1.0.94.
- ARRL 10m contest database added. (TNX W9PA)
- Configuration file caching added. Loading/closing application is now much
- New contest supported: HB XMAS Contest. (TNX HB9BUN)


Chris - 9A5K

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