[DXLog.net - Support] Some issues detected after EAPSK63

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Sun Mar 9 21:42:04 CET 2014

Hi Ricardo.

Thanks for your report.

This should be checked in the code and in config file.
I will try to include it in next release, this could be important for other
digi contests too.
ESM mode knows to be a little bit tricky.. hi

FYI..I worked on Contest recorder functionality last days, this should be
available soon too.

Chris - 9A5K

On Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Ricardo Navarrete <ricardoea4zk at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> First of all, I want to thank you because of the programm, it is really
> good.
> I noticed some issues :
> 1.- The field RCVD is always completed automatically with the last number
> that the station passed you. If I worked TM0M before and he gave me number
> 145 the second time I work him , no matter what band, the programm fill the
> RCVD field with this last number ( 145 ).
> 2.- In ESM mode, you press enter for the first time and send CQ, listen the
> other station callsign , you write it down or grab it from the MMVARI
> window , press enter again and it sends F6 instead of INSERT.
> 3.- If you press the + key to finnish the qso, and then you press enter to
> make CQ, the programm send again + and then CQ.
> 4.- If you press F4 to send your callsign to another station, and you want
> to send it several times, if you don't press the F4 key fast you can't send
> the callsign twice, but it will be send when you press again another Fx key
> plus the key pressed.
> I don't know if you understand me, my english is  not quite good.
> Thanks again
> Rick EA4ZK
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