[DXLog.net - Support] New version this week..

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Mon Mar 24 20:12:17 CET 2014

Hi all.

New version 2.0.25 is under test and it is scheduled for release at
Wednesday this week.

This will include fixes noticed and reported in last couple of days/weeks
and some new things.

Short list from release notes is here.

Ver 2.0.25
- Contest recorder - drop down menu option MP3 Configuration wasn't
implemented. Fixed. (TNX DK8ZZ)
- New interlock options added. Interlocking is now possible between
multiple stations.
  It can be defined fixed (with multiple station IDs) or dynamically, based
on status info received in network.
  Possible options are:
  1. Interlock with station(s) on same band
  2. Interlock with station(s) on same band+mode
  3. Interlock with all stations visible in status list
  Dynamic station list is built when TX is requested from info available in
status list in that point of time.
- In multi op environment, when number server is used, number is
automatically reserved when callsign bandmap or dx announcements window is
  double clicked only if station type isn't Mult or Support.
- New contest supported: OK/OM DX SSB contest. (TNX OK1RI)
- Bugfix: when voice message was recording and play message was started
before recording is stopped, DXLog.net was crashed. Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
- Bugfix: K3 SPLIT CAT command wasn't implemented properly. Fixed. (TNX
- Bugfix: Radio internal DVK usage was broken. (TNX IK2NCJ, IK1HJS)
- Parsing DX spot comments for QSX frequency added. DXLog.net now looks for
"QSX" text in comment and trying to parse valid frequency.
  If frequency is found, spot callsign will be marked with "*" before
callsign and double click on such spot will change radio to split mode
  immediately. Valid QSX in comment can be full frequency or just KHz part.
For example: QSX 3662 or QSX 662 will set split frequency
  to 3.662 in both cases. (TNX W9PA)
- Bandmap callsign color for multipliers was wrong for some contests when
contest period was changed and received data wasn't copied
  by default from previous qsos. In that cases, DXLog.net needs to find
data from guess database. Fixed. (TNX YT3W, 9A1AA, YU7RL).
- Warning message added when duplicate contest definition is found in
AppData folder. Only first file with definition is loaded,
  any other file with definition for same contest name will be discarded
and user will be notified about these files.
- New option available: Edit->Edit serial number. This allows to edit
serial number for previous or current QSO entries. (TNX YU7RL).
- Bugfix: cat command for SSB mode change was based on current band, not
new one. Because of this, when band was changed from 40 to 20m
  mode was set to LSB (current band = 40m) instead of USB (new band = 20m).
Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
- CQ WPX band changes rule for multi op stations (M/S & M/2) fixed
according to the rules.

Chris - 9A5K

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