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jack jfriend31 at comcast.net
Thu May 1 01:21:13 CEST 2014

When I run DXKeeper’s QSL tab, sometimes in the LoTW option, Add Requested, starts zipping thru the whole log without asking first whether I wish to add filtering. if I let it continue almost every one of my 21,642 log entries is put in the Queue to be sent to LoTW. ALL of my log has been sent to LoTW several times in hopes that all entries would be noted as SENT by LoTW in DXKeeper. 

I can find no fix for this in the instructions. I see no way to choose JUST ONE QSO or a couple QSOs to upload thru this method. when DXKeeper’s QSL Add Requested does give me the filter question and I say NO it still finds several QSOs already sent and adds them to the Queue. I have to uncheck all but the desired QSO or there is an error message that comes back from LoTW rejecting ALL the uploaded QSOs.

That DOES NOT happen in eQSL.cc. however eQSL.cc does find ONE (the same) QSO every time to upload. I uncheck that undesired QSO and all goes fine.

if I have Internet Explorer open the upload to eQSL.cc adds a new tab to Internet Explorer with my default web browser open.

Also I cannot get Commander and DXKeeper in sync. Commander shows my Orion’s frequency and mode but that does not transfer to DXKeeper when I log the contact.

if anyone has an Orion and knows how to fix the above issues please respond to 

ak7o at arrl.net


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