[DXLog.net - Support] DXLog.net weekend observations

Ken Beals k6mr at outlook.com
Mon Nov 10 04:05:45 CET 2014

Did not have much time to play radio this weekend, so just tuned around and worked a few in WAE RTTY.  Couple of items I noticed:
With the S&P bandmap option "When leaving the Operating frequency: Wipe the QSO" selected: calls that are entered manually into the entry line are cleared when you tune away (and are in S&P mode). If you double-click on a spot or use Ctrl-Shift Up/Down to select spots, the call is not removed from the entry line when you tune away. I tried with and without the "Populate the bandmap" option but no difference. Feature or bug?
I added another antenna to several bands so that I now have 4 antennas available on some bands. The Radio/Ant Status window does not grow with additional lines. I have to reduce the font down to 9 pt. to get them to show without cutting off the bottom line. The antenna selection works fine. The window just needs to be bigger vertically.
And thanks for the latest fixes. Both items on my list are confirmed fixed.
Ken K6MR


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