[DXLog.net - Support] Morse Runner Integration

Peter Helfenstein peter.helfenstein at bluewin.ch
Fri Jan 2 18:03:50 CET 2015

Hi Chris
Thanks. What you describe is actually the behaviour I expected. The 
issue is that pressing Insert or F-Keys like F5 "tu" in Morse Runner 
sends that CW code, ENTER or + also logs in dxlog, but in Morse Runner 
nothing is entered nor logged. dxlog shows me the message "Morse Runner 
When I enter a call in dxlog it is also entered in Morse Runner, but for 
the RST +Nr. received there is no reaction.
I do not have entered a name in Morse Runner and with the simulation 
enabled the Call entry in Morse Runner is greyed out.
Does it need a specific port for the communication between Morse Runner 
and dxlog? I am running Win 8.1 on my computer. I already switched off 
applications in the background but no change.
BTW I quite often use Morse Runner - so working with the standalone 
product should not be my issue for once ... hi
73, Peter - HB9BUN

Am 02.01.2015 um 17:07 schrieb 9A5K:
> Hi Peter...
> Actually, if you have started DXLog.net and MorseRunner you just need 
> to Enable morse runner simulation in DXLog.
> It will notify you in status window if Morse Runner is found (it 
> should be started befor you enable simulation).
> After that, start some activity in Morse Runer with Run command butoon 
> (WPX, HST or anything else)...
> And after that start focus at DXLog window and press F1 key ..
> DXLog will send command to Morse Runner to start CQ.. after your CQ 
> finish, some station should call you back.
> Receive callsign in DXLog callsign field and press insert to send call 
> + RST + nr...
> After you receive rst + serial number of station you've worked, press 
> plus to send TU message and continue to work qsos.
> Also, other F keys works from dxlog to mr... (for example F7 will send 
> "?")... etc..
> You have advantage of SCP databases in DXLog while using simulation 
> with Morse Runner..
> You will see that stations are logged in both logs, DXLog.net as well 
> as Morse Runner log...
> Of course, it's useful to start CQ WPX CW contest for this purposes...
> Please note that integration doesn't work if you have entered your 
> name in Morse Runner's Settings->HST operator option because it
> will change Window name from Morse Runner to something else (for 
> example Morse Runner - Chris)..
> 73,
> Chris - 9A5K
> On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 4:48 PM, Peter Helfenstein 
> <peter.helfenstein at bluewin.ch <mailto:peter.helfenstein at bluewin.ch>> 
> wrote:
>     Hello
>     I was trying to play with dxlog.net <http://dxlog.net> and its
>     Morse Runner integration. Starting Morse Runner seems to work. CW
>     keying is not controlling the TX/RX interface anymore and the
>     F-Keys get configured the Morse Runner way.
>     Entering data into Morse Runner still works, but entering data
>     through dxlog net does not have any effect on Morse Runner.
>     What is the idea of the integration. Should it be possible to fill
>     test logs with Morse Runner information the way working in
>     contests with dxlog.net <http://dxlog.net>? Is there anything else
>     I need to switch on/set to get the integration dxlog.net
>     <http://dxlog.net> and Morse Runner running?
>     73, Peter - HB9BUN
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