[DXLog.net - Support] HA DX Contest definition file

Peter Helfenstein peter.helfenstein at bluewin.ch
Sun Jan 18 14:42:59 CET 2015

I had some challenges using dxlog.net in the HA DX contest of this weekend.

*1. **According to the rules HA stations can now either their county 
abreviation or their club membership number as multiplier. *With the 
default contest definition membership numbers cannot be entered.

In the contest rules http://www.ha-dx.com/HADX/html/rules_en.html it is 
mentioned :

*"(The new membership number multipliers are not correctly handled by 
some contest softwares.

*Anyway, just submit your Cabrillo file after the contest, as our 
evaluator software checks all QSOs and recalculates points and 

Hungarian county codes: ZA, GY, VA, KO, VE, SO, TO, BA, FE, BP, NG, HE, 

Multipliers:Hungarian counties and HA-DXC member numbers per band.

I did not find a way to add membership numbers generically to the 
multiplier list at the end of the definition. So I just tried to find a 
way to switch the checking off.

How could such multiplier options/formats be added to the definition file?

*2. I had the issue in the past. ADIF exports this time do not contain 
the SRX field. I would be happy for a hint how to add SRX. I tried to do 
it with a definition as for the IOTA contest but did not managed to get 
the change working. **

73 de Peter - HB9BUN

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