[DXLog.net - Support] Digital Voice Keyer

miguel at ea5gf.es miguel at ea5gf.es
Tue Jun 16 22:28:37 CEST 2015


I readed all wiki on dxlog.net website and view the mailman to  
configure the DKV but i dont find how configure DVK. I have configured  
IC-7600 when press F1 the radio TX a 0,2 sec but, where put the audio  
file to play? Appears dont find the .wav file but any error message or  
debug to view. Also i testest the internal DKV option to use a audio  
file on IC-7600 without results.

This is a email from K3UK on 2014 without reply.


I am not in the WPX contest but I thought I might try setting up DXLOG for
DVK operations and test it this weekend. Can someone point me to a the
instructions for setting this up ?

Andy K3UK

Thanks, Miguel EA5GF

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