[DXLog.net - Support] Some requests after CQWW

Enrico Lorenzoni IU3AZC iu3azc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 10:37:38 CET 2015

Hello, I just had the CQWW with Dxlog.

I have some requests for a better experience in the future:
-I had to restart the software two times because DVK was not working 
anymore. Radio got PTT but no audio was sent. A third time I fixed it by 
going into interface settings and pressing OK, but two times it did not 
work and I had to restart the software.
-I got a "Error playing F1.wav!" error once. Typing F1 again just worked 
-Sometimes I got an error during score upload. This was a cqcontest.net 
fault, but the status bar became three times higher, covering some 
information on the screen.
-In DX Cluster announcements window sometimes the comments became "cut" 
even if that option was not checked.
-In "worked zone" window it would be nice to see the continent near the 
zone number (for example in a new line above the numbers)
-In the bandmap I'd like an option to see the QSO pts near a callsign, 
so I know if it will give me 0pts, 1pt or 3pts.
-I'd like to be able hide the 0-points qso from the dx announcements and 
from the bandmap listing.
-I couldn't find an option to tell the software the band I was using. 
So, being single band, I still saw alerts for mults on other bands, 
score window showed all bands, and so on. Also I could not log a qso on 
another band (allowed by the rules, when doing single band) without 
having a wrong result calculation.
-Scrolling through the log, I'd like to see the selected line in the 
"check mult" window, so I can know the country of a callsign.
-I'd like an option to auto-fill the callsign when my VFO moves on a 
spotted call (N1MM style). Else I have to double-click it on the bandmap 
(sometimes moving the frequency) or re-type it by hand. I'd like to see 
like a grayed call in the field, that becomes "normal" when typing 
spacebar, or goes away if I type a letter.
-In the dx cluster window, URLs are underlined, but they are not clickable.
-I had to manually start the recorder after restarting the software. I'd 
like it to begin recording automatically (I always forget to record 
immediately and I miss some minutes)
-I'd like a 15-min small rate graph like WT
-I'd like to see SFI ecc info in some window

what do you think??

IU4AZC Enrico

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