[DXLog.net - Support] DXLog.net experience in the Scandinavian Activity Contest

Kim Östman kim.ostman at abo.fi
Mon Sep 21 19:58:12 CEST 2015


As a long-time WT user I decided to try DXLog.net in the past weekend's SAC CW, as I especially liked the idea of reserving serial numbers for each radio in SO2R operation. That's something I've liked about N1MM, but since I generally like WT more, it seemed that DXLog.net combined the best of both worlds. It was a bit of a risk since I only really began testing the program (v2.2.16) on Friday evening, but as DXLog.net is mostly like WT it was quick to learn.

Below are a few observations/questions and/or ideas for potential developments. I'm sure some of the answers are obvious, but as a new user I will present them anyway :)

1. Where is the worked multipliers window? The online help indicates that it's available via the "Windows" menu or by pressing Alt+M, but I don't have it in the menu and Alt+M just selects the "Messages" sub menu.

2. Using ^ as a half space in a CW message didn't work, but instead it stopped the CW message and moved the focus to Radio 2.

3. When sending manual keyboard CW using Alt+K, sometimes the pause between characters is reeeally long. This occurs particularly when one is typing on the fly with some intentional space or pausing between words of characters; for example when giving a QSY frequency by trying to send each number with a little bit of time separation for easier understanding by the other station. Perhaps this has to do with how the WinKeyer buffer is being handled/filled (I used MK2R+ with WinKeyer v.22).

4. Can the serial number be reserved immediately when INS is pressed (while perhaps still typing in the last letters of the call), without requiring the space bar? I forgot to press space a few times when immediately moving to Radio 2 to enter a call, requiring me to go back and correct the sent number on Radio 1 after it had been incremented by one.

5. When I opened the contest log on my laptop today (not the original logging computer), all QSOs with stations with a W as the first prefix letter are marked as 0 points, with ---- in the multiplier/DUPE text space. PW2A also had the same fate. The QSOs are still counted in the QSO total summary, but their QSO points are not. The exact same installation is used on both computers.

6. This is minor, but when opening the log on another computer with a smaller display (for example the laptop), the internal windows of the software seem to be placed at the same pixel coordinates as on the computer where the log was saved. In the worst case some windows may be unreachable, if they've originally been placed at the very edge of the display. Could they instead have some relative location that is scaled depending on what type of display the program is opened in?

Finally, thanks to Chris for a great piece of software!


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