[DXLog.net - Support] DXLog.net version 2.2.17 is available now.

9A5K 9a5k at 9a5k.com
Thu Sep 24 20:41:25 CEST 2015

Hi everyone.

Version 2.2.17 is finally available for download.

As usual, c/p from release notes:

Ver 2.2.17
- Remote commands can be sent to stations in the network.
- Check multipliers window now shows only mode selected in contest config
screen, if not operating mixed. (TNX YT3W)
- WAE - some corrections implemented in QTC editing. (TNX E70T)
- Mode change problem for digi modes with CTRL+F1/F2 fixed. (TNX HB9BUN)
- New option available for SO2V mode: Options->Interface specific
options->Use SPLIT in SO2V technique.
  When checked, DXLog.net will activate SPLIT mode instead of VFO change
when changing entry lines in SO2V technique.
- New radio support added: Flexradio.
- New option available: Options->Interface specific options->Use different
bandmap background for active radio.
  When checked, it will use different bandmap background color for active
(selected) radio or VFO in SO2R and SO2V mode. (TNX 4O3A)
- COM port switch problem fixed when footswitch was activated quickly
couple of times. (TNX R9IR)
- CW speed can be changed with ALT+F9/F10 from QTC received window. (TNX
- When QTC receive window is closed by clicking on conrol box, it remembers
last state of fields in temporary buffer. (TNX R9IR)
  If window is reopened with same callsign it will restore it state.
  Temporary buffer is cleared when new callsign is used and QTC receive
window is opened.
- New buttons available at QTC receive window: F4 - sends "DE MYCALL" and
F9 - sends "QSL Group/Num" (TNX R9IR)
- Spacebar in QTC receive window now cycles in actual line only, not moving
to new line anymore. Use enter to skip in next line. (TNX R9IR)
- Escape doesn't close QTC send/receive window anymore, it just stops
actual transmission. (TNX R9IR, IZ8JAI)
- Logged operator property wasn't filled correctly when status info message
was created. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)
- New option in radio port setup: Don't poll during TX and Reinitialize
port after switching from TX to RX.
  First option is used to disable radio polling during TX time.
  Second option is used to reinitialize port after you switch from TX to
RX. It is useful in case of problems with RF feedback
  during TX time and if your CAT interface has stopped working because of
- New radios supported: IC-7850 and IC-7851. (TNX VA3MJR)
- New radio supported: IC-7100.
- QTC receive window msg F4 wasn't sending callsign. Fixed. (TNX R9IR)
- QTC send window - ALT+F9/F10 wasn't changing cw speed. Fixed. (TNX R9IR)


Chris - 9A5K

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