[DXLog.net - Support] Unwanted Dualing CQs, etc.

Stewart GM4AFF stewart at gm4aff.net
Sun Jan 24 18:29:23 CET 2016

I downloaded and installed DXLog for the UKEICC Contest. It performed really
well apart from a few issues which I'd like to report:


1.  I was using Advanced SO2R (but did not set up any scenarios). If I was
using (sending on)the left (primary) radio, and then switched to the right
(secondary) radio (making it the primary radio), then called CQ on the right
radio, the next CQ would jump back to the left radio. I found that the best
way to stop it doing this was to deliberately enter a letter on the primary
radio log to stop the CQ, then delete it. Then the next F1 would send CQ on
the correct radio.


2.  When I was calling on the primary radio using a repeat loop, and I
entered something on the secondary radio log by using the shift (which was
bound to the secondary radio) the primary transmission would stop. It also
stops if you hit shift + backspace or shift + F11 while it's sending (on the
primary radio) which is not logical.


3.  WinTest has the ability to right click the band-map to push something
into the other VFO. Can this functionality be implemented or is there an
alternative method?






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