[DXLog.net - Support] CW keying locks up

Iain Kelly iain at m0pcb.co.uk
Sun Jan 24 19:33:29 CET 2016

Good evening,

I've used DXlog in a couple of CW contests this year after recently buying
a licence. I am very impressed, had everything set up swiftly and I've only
hit one snag so far.

During AFS CW contest I had the CW keying lock up a couple of times, i.e.
hitting enter or any other keying key didn't send anything. This happened,
but only once, this weekend in UKEICC DX CW.

I found that hitting 'esc' a few times cleared the problem and computer
keying worked fine.

Using the winkey chip in a Microham u2r controller.

73, Iain M0PCB

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