[DXLog.net - Support] DXLog.net - change CW speed shortcut

Dan M yo3irm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 19:47:22 CET 2016


can we find a better way to change the CW speed, other than Alt+F9/F10?
I've used until now N1MM+ and it has a very convenient way to change the CW
speed, PgUP and PgDown.
I know that DXlog use PgUp/PgDown to navigate through the log but I've
never used it during a contest, on the other hand, from my experience,
20-30% of a contest time I need to change CW speed due to different reasons
(qrm,qsb etc).
Is it possible to assign PgUP/PgDown to change the CW speed and use other
combinations for log navigation ?

Thank you

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