[DXLog.net - Support] SO2R reverse audio scenario

Marco HB9CAT hb9cat at thezollingers.org
Sun Oct 2 11:25:52 CEST 2016

Hey Chris,


I've always had this problem, time to fix it: for logistic reasons when
listening to both Radios I want to have Radio1 in the right ear and Radio 2
in the left ear.

The "standard" is R1 left and R2 right.


Operating Advanced SO2 I should be able to edit the scenario and have that
driven by DxLog, for example:


F4 key on primary radio:

-          Original:  $R2R2 $F4 $R1R2

-          New: $R2R2 $F4 $R2R1


Well that doesn't work, I keep hearing R1R2.


FYI I tried it in WinTest, same thing.


Any Ideas ?


73 de Marco HB9CAT


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