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Fabio IZ4AFW / NZ1W iz4afw at iz4afw.org
Sun Oct 23 22:08:41 CEST 2016

Hi guys,
    last year I tried my first WAE RTTY contest and I found that 
something could be improved. I think that a cut&paste of all QTC 
together would be a great operating improvement.

I got no response last year, so I try once more now, hoping that 
something can be done before the upcoming WAE RTTY this November.

Any comment is welcome!

  IZ4AFW / IO4W / NZ1W

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Oggetto: 	WAE RTTY
Data: 	Tue, 17 Nov 2015 12:22:19 +0100
Mittente: 	Fabio IZ4AFW / NZ1W <iz4afw at iz4afw.org>
A: 	support at dxlog.net

     I tried DX-Log.net during my first WAE RTTY.
I am happy about it, but I'm wondering if things can be still better.

For example, I found a little complicated receiving QTCs:

1. As 99% of the stations sends QTCs quickly, one after one, can a sort 
of "cut&paste" be implemented? This way you could quickly copy them 
one-shot into the QTC window and correct only the wrong ones.

2. Can the QTC group/number be auto-populated with the first value? The 
"header" is sent at the start of the QTC transmission and most of the 
time (always?) it does not change.

3. I missed the "Please agn QTC nr. xxx" button

4. I missed a single button to send all QTCs together (I used the button 
CTRL+Fn in sequence each time)

5. Where can I "customize" the QTC format? I mean, things adding some 
CR/LF to improve readability

Maybe some of the listed features are already present and I've not found 
Thanks for a great piece of software!!

   IZ4AFW / IO4W / NZ1W

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