[DXLog.net - Support] Feature Requests / Bugs

Colin Jenkins colin at ku5b.com
Thu Sep 1 21:09:52 CEST 2016

I'm a recent convert to DXLog and NX5M and I have found a couple of items
we'd like to request and a couple of bugs we've found.


   1. One of the stations uses an Elecraft K3 and I use CW-REV as the
   default for CW mode. While in CW-REV, I'm unable to see mode changes in
   DXLog (i.e. when going from CW-REV to SSB and back). Using normal CW (not
   reversed) works perfectly.
   2. We also use a Yaesu FT-990 (latest EPROM) and are unable to see mode
   changes reflected as well. Tracking seems to go on and off sporadically,
   too. We've tried using both the FT-990 and FT-1000D settings with no luck.
   4800/8/N/2 DTR set to ALWAYS OFF and RTS set to ALWAYS ON. We're using real
   serial ports. (We also have an FT-1000D which is yet untested at the
   station but we'll be happy to test both radios)

Feature Requests:

   1. Ability to have multiple callsign data boxes in the contest
   configuration window (save/load user data for multiple callsigns).
   Generally we use NX5M but periodically use other calls for RTTY contests
   and single-ops.
   2. Addition of a $FREQ(R1 or R2) macro - when running M/2 in NAQP it's
   not always known which radios will be used on a specific band, thereby
   having to change the $FREQ(band) macro every time we switch bands
   3. Is there a way to change the cursor in the log to a single (blinking)
   underscore (_) rather than a solid filled white box?
   4. Ability to display only certain portions of the "Rate" window so as
   to free up window space

Thanks for the great software!

Colin KU5B

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