[DXLog.net - Support] Found issues

Mikael Larsmark mike at sm3wmv.com
Mon Sep 19 17:19:44 CEST 2016


I have a few things that I found out that I guess are bugs. Last version of DXLog.

1. When using DUAL keyboards and having the "ESM change focus..." and you for example transmit with radio 1. When it changes focus to the serial field and you try to enter something on the second keyboard, that ends up in the serial field of radio 1. I fixed this by not using the option.

2. I had problems sometimes (DXlog generated keying with COM port) if I changed TX focus while transmitting a message on the first radio that the CW started on the second radio would be jibberish. I will try to reproduce this again. but currently not @SJ2W so can't check now.

3. I had issues when aborting a message on one radio that when the second radio would start to transmit it would lose the first part of the CW. The radio seemed to PTT correctly in time but the CW would act just as if the first character was "muted". Also this I will need to check further. There were a bunch of times only J2W was transmitted.

4. Sometimes when aborting a message with escape the audio focus would not return to the previous state but stay on the second radio, I guess it depends on where in the macros its aborted.

Feature request
1. I've said this earlier, but a cursor to show where the position of both radios markers are would be great

2. The ability to edit the qsos also with the second keyboard. Not sure if it should be implemented that the second radio keyboard just jumps between the 2nd radio qsos or if you should be able to edit all with both keyboards. Maybe the last option is more reasonable. When pressing enter prematurely or so and one would need to edit the serial number for example it was a bit confusing when needing to use the 1st radio keyboard, especially when being in the middle of a QSO on that radio.

Otherwise DXLog worked great, very happy about its performance and I will be continuing to use it. Great work!
73 de Mike, SM2WMV (SJ2W)

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