[DXLog.net - Support] Bug? and feature request

Fred Handscombe fred at g4bwp.com
Wed May 31 18:04:57 CEST 2017

Hi Chris

Currently DXlog doesn't seem to recognise CW-Rev on my K3, I think it 
might have before but no longer?  Am I missing a setting? MicroHam 
router is reading CW-Rev OK


I am using SO2V very nicely on VHF contests, searching on my K3 sub-Rx 
and running on main

If I find a "worked before" I immediately go back to CQ on the main 
VFO.  I have to come back to sub to clear (ALT-W) the sub RX line

Would it be possible to have a "clear all" command that clears BOTH 
lines (main and sub) in one go?

(The database update is now adding both call and locator to the VHFDTB 
file - thanks)



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