[DXLog.net - Support] Dual CQ but not this scenario selected

Juan Varela ea1xt at yahoo.es
Fri Dec 7 14:00:42 CET 2018

I follow trials with SO2R ... last weekend check it without advanced mode activated. Same, work a station on radio 2, log it and, when re-start CQ with R1, begins to alternate CQ in both radios.
In this situation I'm not able to enjoy and no work SO2R
pse , any suggestion? help psejuan EA1XT sends
    En lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018 12:35:00 GMT, Juan Varela <ea1xt at yahoo.es> escribió:  
 Hi everybody, Juan EA1XT (EF1A) here
dxlog.net user years ago and now get this reflector.
As the subjet say I don't know if I have a problem with configuration in my SO2R set up with Dxlog ...
Running in Radio one, R2 in S&P, when work a contact with R2 and Send auto CQ agn TX once  R1 and thenmake CQ call in R2.I have to stop manually the auto cq in both radios and then send agn CQ in R1. Only when Auto CQ is active of course. check with no scenario selected and same problem.scenarios are standard of the program
conditions MK2R+ and one port selected with this interface.
Any suggestion?
tnx in advanceJuan EA1XT (EF1A)  

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