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ik2pfl ik2pfl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 12:07:10 CET 2019


is there any way to enable/disable the side-tone from the WinKey ICs 
when sending CW?
By default it is disabled, and if after DxLog initialization any trial 
program it (using the WinKey setup program), makes the serial port stuck 
in DxLog.
This would be very useful to send via paddle, being the CW out and 
manipulation shifted in time (to allow PTT delay).
(see also Vol 58, Issue 10)

B. Regards

On 3/22/2018 5:12 PM, ik2pfl wrote:
> Hello,
> I just connected a Winkey3 IC to a virtual serial port with DxLog 
> (Latest Version)
> It works fine, but I think some improvements/features are missing.
> 1)
> WinKey3 side tone is disabled after DxLog initialization.
> It would be useful to have it set in the WinKey setting panel, as done 
> in N1MM.
> In this way one can send with paddles and the log, without using the 
> radio keyer and foot-switch PTT.
> 2)
> There are interesting innovations in WinKey3, like the possibility to 
> transmit with the paddles while the WinKey3 is sending characters 
> gotten from the log.
> In this case the Log char frame is stopped, the paddles take over, and 
> then the characters pipeline from the log is flushed.
> Whit regards on this,  DxLog is rigid. After DxLog initializes, 
> WinKey3 is "locked off" and if I try to give commands to WinKey3 via 
> paddle entry (in command mode), WK3 takes the commands, but then it is 
> lost by DxLog.
> 3)
> Would be nice to have an initialization file, containing the WinKey3 
> parameters to apply to the log session, so one can customize keying 
> preferences.
> While I think the 2-3) are kind of enhancements,  the 1) is really a 
> missing feature, all the contest community would like to have.
> Thanks,
> B.Regards
> Luca IK2PFL

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