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Ver 2.2.11

 RDXC rules and database updated. (TNX YT3W)

Ver 2.2.10

 Mouse middle button click wasn't implemented in secondary decoder window. Fixed. (TNX K6MR, W9PA)
 CW/Digi messages are now saved in appdata folder for each contest type.
 Messages are restored from this file when new contest file with same type is created.
 Translation to Italian language is added. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 UBA contest multiplier display corrected by band (not by band/mode). (TNX IK2JUB)
 New contest supported: LA local contest   NRRL Winter Contest. (TNX LB3RE)

Ver 2.2.9

 Mouse middle button click in digi mode decoder now also adds call to partner stack. (TNX N6TV)
 New option added: Tools->Scripts manager.
 DXLog.net now supports custom made C# scripts, to enable additional functionalities.
 Custom scripts are written in C# language and they are compiled during runtime. 
 Script can be assigned to some shortcut and will be executed when shortcut key is pressed.
 Also, script can be called by name from CW/Digi message as macro command prefixed with "$!".
 For example, if CW/Digi message contains $!SCRIPT1, it will execute script with name SCRIPT1.
 New contest supported: XE RTTY International Contest.
 Added band changes count for Multi/Single category in CQ WPX RTTY Contest.
 CTRL+SHIFT+F4 on the fly scenario/message editor wasn't working properly. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)

Ver 2.2.8

 Band maximum time and minimum pause time implemented for some Italian contests. Config key = BAND_MIN_LIMITS (TNX IU3AZC)
 New contest supported: Old New Year Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Popov Memorial Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 SARTG HNY RTTY Contest scoring fixed. DXCC multipliers wasn't counted. (TNX IU3AZC)
 WW PMC Contest. Changed list of multipliers according to new rules. (TNX S54X)
 New option added: Tools->Data entry->Enable grab call from decoder window.
 When checked, it will automatically grab last known (highlighted) call from digi mode decoder window.
 User can disable this functionality by unchecking it.
 In previous version it was always on.
 ALT+CLICK in digi decoder windows now adds call to partner stack.
 New contest supported: UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest.
 $TR macros wasn't implemented correctly when using digi modes. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 CONTEST_FIRST_HOUR parameter in contest config file now accepts also minutes value, if specified. (TNX OK5MM)
 PTT sequence implemented. Choose PTT1, PTT2, PTT3 in port configuration to enable this functionality.
 PTT pins are executed in following sequence:
 1. PTT + delay for PTT delay ms
 2. PTT1 + delay for PTT seq delay ms
 3. PTT2 + delay for PTT seq delay ms
 4. PTT3 + delay for PTT seq delay ms
 Contest recorder buttons wasn't working properly in floating mode. Fixed. (TNX K6MR, IU3AZC)
 Footswitch (DSR) pin can be used to switch between Radio1/Radio2 input lines now. (TNX SJ2W)
 New contest supported: Cup of Russia CW. (TNX RU3DNN, RK3BX)
 HA DX Contest: contest rules was changed. Fixed. (TNX 9A1AA, 9A7R)
 NA Sprint SSB contest rule changes applied to new config. KH6 mult is added in it. (TNX K6MR)

Ver 2.2.7

 Code for opening windows in application is optimized. Now it should work much faster.
 CW/Digi keyboard   alternate messages shortcuts wasn't available. Fixed. (TNX HB9BUN)
 Worked DXCC window   in floating mode layout, it wasn't possible to change the continent. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 World map window   title bar color selection option was missing in pop-up menu. Fixed. (TNX E77DX)
 Statistics window   controls wasn't resized properly when floating mode was used. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 Bandmap list is now scrollable with mouse wheel. (TNX YU7RL)
 Toolbar functionality is finished now.
 Beam heading calculation bugfix. When worked qso with own country, own lat/long was reset to lat/long from qso. Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 Partner window option "No band/mode filtering" wasn't restored correctly on opening. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)
 When using contest with separate periods and SO2R mode, if period was changed from R2 qso line, R1 qso line period wasn't changed. Fixed. (TNX ES7GM)
 DXCC exception database created to add some exceptions for DXCC determination when they aren't covered in CTY file.
 For example, it is used to distinguish between KG4 and K for KG4x, KG4xx and KG4xxx callsigns. (TNX IK2JUB)
 New log option available: Always show mode in QSO lines. If checked, it will make column with mode always visible, regardless of FIELD_MODE_VISIBLE 
 parameter in contest config file. (TNX XE2K)
 9A CW Contest wasn't scored correctly for outside 9A stations. Fixed. (TNX HB9BUN)
 OK DX RTTY Cabrillo QSO line wasn't align correctly. Fixed. (TNX 9A6SJZ, 9A7R)
 New contest supported: World Wide Iron HAM Contest. (TNX 9A7R)
 DARC XMAS contest   DOK multiplier wasn't calculated correctly. Fixed. (TNX DL2MDU)
 New radio supported: Yaesu FT-3000.

Ver 2.2.6

 When previous QSO was edited and saved, 10 min rule checking method was called.
 In this method, part of code to check if 10 min rule is needed for category was missing. Fixed. (TNX IU3AZC, IK2NCJ)
 If different CW speed for Radio1 and Radio2 was used, only last changed speed was saved and restored to both radios.
 Now changed to save each cw speed separately and restoring it correctly. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 Bandmap options "Enable single click selection" and "Display multipliers only" wasn't saved and restored properly. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)
 Commands->DX Cluster->Default comment option added. If set, this comment text will be added to each spot sent to DXC. (TNX 9A1AA)
 DXN files are now associated to DXLog.net.exe during installation. You can open log file directly with clicking on it. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 Migrated SQLite dll to version 1.0.94.
 ARRL 10m contest database added. (TNX W9PA)
 Configuration file caching added. Loading/closing application is now much faster.
 New contest supported: HB XMAS Contest. (TNX HB9BUN)

Ver 2.2.5

 $FREQID macro added. It will send frequency of Radio1 take from defined station in the network
 For example: $FREQIDRUN1 will take frequency from station with ID RUN1.
              $FREQIDMULT will take frequency from station with ID MULT. (TNX R9IR)
 Target file is now loaded automatically when log is opened if it was previously loaded. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 Radio RUN/S&P mode is now saved to and restored from current log. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 New bandmap option available: enable single click selection. When checked, single click at bandmap will 
 make spot selection and frequency change.
 New window available: Extra information. Shows extra information from XDT files.
 Check multiplier window   color wasn't set properly when changed from default value. Fixed. (TNX K6MR)
 Popup menu in floating windows mode wasn't shown on all windows correctly because focus was changed to main window automatically. (TNX K6MR)
 New bandmap display options available: Sun, Heading, Long path and Exchange. (TNX IU3AZC, K6ND, N1RR)
 Bandmap windows now shows also number of available spots, new spots, multipliers and points per band.
 Title bar color for each window can be changed now according to user preference.
 Extra information   new plugin is available: www.hamqth.com online lookup.
 New contest supported: RCWC Mini-test.
 TARA RTTY and 10M RTTY contest. RCVD field was set to numeric only. Fixed to accept alpha characters too. (TNX K6MR)
 New contest supported: ARRL 160m contest.
 New contest supported: INORC Contest. (TNX IK2JUB)
 DXC Announcements window: Multipliers only selection wasn't saved to and restored from config file. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)

Ver 2.2.4

 Status window now shows 10 minutes rule timers in different colors.
 Rearrange code to display 10 minute rule errors for multi/single stations.
 New option available: Options->Networking->Don't allow QSO logging if band change rule is broken.
 Checked by default. If 10 minute rule is broken, DXLog wouldn't allow to log such QSO.
 Error message will be displayed bellow QSO line. (TNX I4UFH)
 Added $NEXTSERIAL / $PREVSERIAL macro commands.
 New contest supported: Estonian local contest called ES-LL-KV. (TNX ES7GM)
 Radio/Ant status window is now resized correctly when using larger fonts and have over 4 antennas on one band. (TNX K6MR)
 Radio/Ant status window antenna selection can be done directly by mouse click on desired selection.
 New option available: Options->Networking->Show different active QSO line color during wait status.
 If checked, DXLog.net will change the color of new QSO line during wait period in status window.
 There are two different color, one for wait period until last minute, and another one for last minute.
 When wait status isn't active, qso line will have normal background color.
 Sked/Pass station. Numeric pad usage was disabled. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 $FREQP, $FREQS, $FREQxx macros implemented. "xx" is band for search in the network.
 QTC data for sent QTC's wasn't correctly formatted in Cabrillo export (sent by/rcvd by callsigns where changed). Fixed. (TNX DF1QR)
 QTC frequency was reset to default if QTC was sent/received before QSO is logged. Fixed.
 Cabrillo export is now resorted to include QTC lines between QSO lines according to the time.
 $MK2R=x macro implemented. Send custom commands to microHAM device.
 New contest supported: Russian WW multi mode contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: S5 local contest   KV PRVENSTVO ZRS. (TNX 9A4ZM)
 If DXLog.net can't find any device for Playing and/or Recording, MP3 configuration window was broken. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 Rate window   new options available.
 Set global target qso rate. It will take this number as average qso rate for each hour of the contest and will
 compare current qso number with number calculated based on this number. And difference will be shown in rate window.
 Show projected score. This will calculate projected score at the end of the contest based on currently loaded target file 
 and current score. Calculation is done at minute level.
  QSY Wizard window added. When using HamCAP to check propagation data, if chart tab is used, QSY Wizard window will
  show possible QSY bands at current time, if HamCAP prediction for qso in that hour is greater of 5 percent.
  If not, it will show band labeled as SKED with UTC hour when maximum prediction is found.
 LZ DX Contest   added database for LZ stations exchange. (TNX R9IR)
 DXC Announcements window   optimized code for faster display refresh when lot of data is received from DXC.
 When floating windows mode was used, focus wasn't returned to main window if some of child windows was clicked. Fixed. (TNX K6MR, IK2NCJ)

Ver 2.2.3

 Some listview objects (status window, bandmap list window) flickered during refresh on WinXP. Fixed.
 Multi/Single QSY counter calculation code optimized.
 Added code to check if location of main screen is visible on some of screens/monitors attached to the system 
 when restoring location from config file during startup. If it isn't visible, main screen will be shown on
 it's default position assigned by OS.
 EU VHF/UHF/SHF contest. During QSO edit, band points was multiplied because one of the object properties wasn't
 copied correctly during qso edit. Fixed. (TNX 9A6C)
 FT-990 is now supported.
 When using AlternateCQ macro commands, sometimes first CW character was sent twice. Fixed. 
 Added 200ms delay When using $TR1 / $TR2 commands to switch TX radio to wait for interface to switch active radio.
 Macro processing in SSB mode using two radios wasn't implemented correctly. This was creating some blank line logging
 errors. Fixed now. (TNX K6MR, N6TV)
 WAE RTTY. QTC receive window isn't modal anymore, so received data can be clicked and transfered to QTC receive window.
 This also enable sending standard and additional messages by clicking buttons in decoder window. 
 Please note that if you want to use shortcuts defined in QTC receive window, it must be focused.
 Also, QTC group and number of qsos in QTC should be entered manually to activate fields in QTC receive window.
 ALT+K (Keyboard) RTTY sending was stucked when using 2Tone and buffer was empty. Fixed. (TNX K6MR)

Ver 2.2.2

 RAEM contest   Lat/Lon field max length had default value of 6 chars. Changed to 7. (TNX R9IR)
 New option available: Commands/Pass frequency. Set passing frequency for station passing.
 New option available: Windows/Skeds (ALT+B). Shows scheduled qso skeds.
 New option available: Commands/Take a sked (ALT+E). Adding qso sked in sked table.
 New option available: Commands/Pass a station (ALT+D). Passing qso to another frequency / station. QSO is added to sked table too.
 Status window now shows QSY frequencies for each station in network. 
 All sked changes (add new, modify, delete) are propagated through the network.
 Sked window is displayed automatically if it's not already opened when there are "near time" skeds in the table.
 Passing a station command will automatically popup sked window on all network stations if sked time is within 10 minutes boundaries from actual time. 
 World map window   when double clicked at task bar it was maximized. Fixed. (TNX DL8OBQ)
 Networking   code optimized, especially when UDP network type is used.
 Networking   propagating dx spots with QSX comment through network was causing adding additional "*" at the begging of callsign. Fixed. (TNX DL8OBQ)
 Worldmap day/night shadow problem fixed. 

Ver 2.2.1

 New option available: Options->Data files->Update database. This will update your local prefill database from currently opened log. (TNX W9PA)
 DARC 10m contest   adjusted Cabrillo QSO line output according to the rules. (TNX DK9TN)
 Rates window   new options available: Rates Units. (TNX I4UFH)
 INQP   stations working at/from county borders now can be logged in single QSO lines. Up to four county borders on both sides are supported now. (TNX W9PA)
 New contest supported: RAEM International HF Contest.
 Bugfix: click in radio 2 decoder windows on received data was sending data to first radio qso line. Fixed. (TNX K6MR)
 Bugfix: additional CW message shortcuts in CW mode were available only if technique was Advanced SO2R. Fixed. (TNX K6MR, N6TV)
 DOK database refreshed, for usage in WAG contest. (TNX DK9TN, DK8ZZ)
 Winkey   use of speed pot on device is now enabled. 
 Callsign background in bandmap view is now changed when radio is at same frequency (+/  bw defined in bandmap properties). (TNX K6ND)
 Time ON/OFF calculation wasn't quite correct because of milliseconds rounding. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Sprint insert key logic wasn't implemented for digi modes. Fixed. (TNX K6MR)

Ver 2.2.0

 Key remapping   when CTRL/ALT/SHIFT was used in key combination to remap to some other key, status of key was resetted to non pressed. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Key remapping   when two keys function was switched between them, loop was created. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Using additional CW/Digi messages in digi modes was setting tx in manual TX mode (as it is in Keyboard   ALT+K mode). Fixed. (TNX R9IR)
 Yaesu FT-857 CAT protocol should be fixed now to work on same way as FT-897.

Ver 2.1.8

 New shortcuts/menu options available:
 CTRL+ALT+UP     grabs first valid upper spot and sends a frequency to inactive VFO.
 CTRL+ALT+DOWN   grabs first valid lower spot and sends a frequency to inactive VFO.
 Menu options are: 
 Operating->Bandmap->Grab first valid upper spot to 2nd VFO
 Operating->Bandmap->Grab first valid lower spot to 2nd VFO
 Starting point for frequency is inactive VFO frequency. In case that inactive VFO is on different band then active one,
 start point will be the frequency from active VFO, so band of inactive VFO will be changed to same as active one. (TNX I4UFH)
 RDA Contest   ADIF export changed to CNTY/STATE. (TNX E73Y)
 RDA Contest   added calculation for Russian "/P" stations. (TNX UA6AA)
 LZ HF Field   new window available   worked callsigns. Shows which callsigns are worked during the contest with information
 about when new qso with same station will be available. (TNX 4O3A)
 Band changes counters added for multi/single and multi/two categories in CQ WW RTTY. (TNX EI3JE)
 New option added: Tools->Data entry->Prefill values
 Callsign value   when new qso row is initialized, it is automatically prefilled with desired value. (TNX 4O3A)
 OTRSP device   AUX pins wasn't switched correctly. Fixed. (TNX K6ND, N1RR)
 NA Sprint   own multiplier wasn't counted. Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 All Asian   multiplier window was broken when some special prefix was worked (for example HS50). Fixed. (TNX 9A2NO)
 WAE DX Contest   added some optimization in QTC receive window. QTC's also can be edited after save.
 Azimuth info shown in Check multiplier window was wrong when gridsquare was filled at config screen.
 Bugfix: cat command for SSB mode change was based on current band, not new one, when band was changing with frequency typing in callsign field.
 Because of this, when band was changed for example from 40 to 20m  mode was set to LSB (current band = 40m) instead of USB (new band = 20m). Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 Bugfix: worked DXCC window font size wasn't correctly restored when log is opened. Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 New option available in Radio config screen: Use CI-V (don't poll). 
 This option will enable usage of CI-V transceive mode for ICOM radios, instead of standard radio cat polling. 
 In previous versions enabled CI-V transceive mode on some radios caused CAT communication error which disconnects the radio until port is opened again.
 New multipliers added for contest KT KUP Srbije. (TNX YT3W)
 Bugfix: config file for KT KUP Srbije missed Cabrillo operator category for NON-YU category. Fixed.
 SAC Contest: added serial number definition for all categories.
 Single OP 2 VFO mode (SO2V) is now enabled.
 Rate window   qso and multiplier worth informations added.
 DXCluster data manipulation code is completely rewritten to optimize performance.
 Bandmap list sorting options added.
 New option available: Options->Interface specific options->Prevent TX if another radio on same band.
 If checked, it will prevent TX if we found another radio (Radio1 vs Radio2 in SO2R mode, or any networked radio if network is enabled) is on same band. 
 Currently, in network mode, we are comparing our TX radio band with BAND field in network list. 
 Please note that in case of network failure, we can't determine another radio band, so this should be just temporary solution and some hardware solution
 will be much safer for such scenarios. (TNX K6ND, N1RR)
 New shortcut added: comma (',')   brings popup window which allows to enter a list of callsigns which should be added to call stack (partner window).
 If callsign field is empty, first call from call stack will be automatically added to callsign field. (TNX DF1QR)
 New shortcuts available: CTRL+ALT+F1..F12 (or AltGr + F1..F12). This will send additional CW/Digi messages (1..12   check additional message window   ALT+C). (TNX DF1QR)
 Added buttons to access additional messages also at Digi mode decoder windows.
 Starting repeat loop by pressing F1 key is now disabled when station is in S&P mode.
 In digi mode contest when audio frequency correction was used, ALT+F4 QSY'ed to wrong frequency. Fixed.
 ALT+K button in digi mode decoder windows didn't start keyboard mode. Fixed.
 Keyboard (ALT+K) message sending in digi mode was delayed between characters. Fixed.
 Own callsign isn't highlighted anymore in decoder windows. This will prevent to grab it as last known callsign.
 Clock window   added new background color type (S&P background). Each time when focused radio will change mode to S&P,
 background color of clock window will be changed to this color.
 Worldmap color had wrong colors for day/night under some circumstances. Fixed. (TNX IZ4AFW)
 Added 100 ms initialization delay, to allow Winkey device to initialize when powered from COM port. (TNX OK4BX)
 Redefine keys wasn't working properly when multiple key combination was remapped. Fixed. (TNX OK4BX)
 New contest supported: Russian WW Digital Contest.

Ver 2.1.7

 Bandmap data display was broken when callsign with unrecognized DXCC was received from cluster.
 New contest supported: SCC RTTY Contest.
 Fixed some problems with bandmap scrolling for WAE contest. Available QTC number was copied to callsign field. (TNX DK8ZZ, 9A1AA)
 ADIF export   it's possible to add QSO comment for all qsos during ADIF export procedure   for example contest name. (TNX DK8ZZ)
 ADIF export   ADIF_KEYS config key   3rd parameter available now. If specified, it contains Regex expression to evaluate if field
 will be exported for particular QSO. 
 See RDAC contest definition for first usage example (RDA field is exported only for UA, UA2, UA9, R1FJ and R1MV stations).
 RDAC contest   received RDA value is exported in ADIF now. (TNX 9A2NO)
 New contest supported: SCC RTTY Contest.
 Added prefill database for US/VE stations in CQ WW RTTY contest config. (TNX EI3JE)
 Fixed some issues when bad data was received from CAT interface, mostly due RF problems. 
 Network status info window is cleared immediately when network is disabled. (TNX I4UFH)
 Bug fix: dx cluster traffic from clusters connected in network wasn't visible in DXCluster window. Fixed. (TNX I4UFH)
 Show network stream option is added in drop-down of DXCluster window. 
 If checked, it will show traffic from network connected clusters. By default it is checked. (TNX I4UFH)
 DXCluster window now shows traffic from network in different color.

Ver 2.1.6

 New contest supported: NRAU NAC Open V/U/SHF Contest.
 New contest supported: NRAU NAC 10M Contest.
 New contest supported: IARU Region 1 Fieldday (RUS). (TNX UA6AA)
 Fixed perfomance issues when huge amount of spots are received from DXCluster (or Skimmer).
 New option available: Tools->Data entry->Use INSERT mode in RCVD fields.
 Switch to INSERT mode instead of OVERWRITE mode in all RCVD fields. Default is not checked.
 DXCluster reconnect functions are implemented now. 
 If DXCluster can't be connected, DXLog.net will try to establish connection again each 30 seconds.
 In case of inactivity, if there isn't any data received from DXCluster in period of 120 seconds, DXCluster
 is disconnected and reconnection procedure is started.
 EDI export is expanded to include bonus for WWL's worked (CWWLB tag). (TNX RO2F)
 EDI info tags are now prefilled with info from Contest config screen. (TNX RO2F)
 Bandmap is now automatically expanded to enable visibility of higher frequencies. (TNX RO2F)
 Final score calculation custom formula regional setting wasn't set to "en-US". Fixed. (TNX KB9S)
 Goto QSO window (CTRL+G) was accidentaly replaced by Target QSO per hour window. Fixed. (TNX IK2JUB)
 IARU R1 DARC contest config file. Cabrillo line definition fixed according to the rules. (TNX IK2JUB)
 HQ database lookup added for IARU HF Championship and WRTC 2014 Contest. (TNX SA6AQP)
 VHF/UHF/SHF contest definition can used bonus points per band. Added in EU V/U/SHF definition.
 New networking options available. UDP type broadcasting can be used now for local network. Also this
 can be used in combination with client/server infrastracture which enable usage of multiple subnets, routing etc.
 OTRSP compatible devices are supported now. Currently tested with YCCC SO2R+ box. (TNX OE1EMS/E77DX, S58A).
 Available QTC number is now visible in Bandmaps. (TNX IZ3EYZ).
 Hide dupes and invalids are now separated as two choices in bandmap popup menu. (TNX IZ3EYZ)
 Morse Runner integration implemented. You can now simulate contest if Morse Runner is active.
 Simulation is started with menu choice: Tools->Data entry->Enable Morse Runner simulation.
 PageUp/PageDown can be used as rit control (Up/Down arrows in Morse Runner).
 COM object called DXLog.net.COM.COMInfo is now available. It provide some information need for integration with 
 external applications. First implementation will be used for adding new plugin for ACOM Tools application, to send
 frequency data to ACOM 2000A amplifier. COM object can easily be accesed from simple vb or java script, or another 
 New contest config key available: ADIF_KEYS.
 It can be specified multiple times. It's used to specify ADIF export definition. Contains key+value pair, separated by ";".
 Key = ADIF key. Value = C# expression for evaluation. $VALUE in expression contains reference to DXQSO object.
 Export to ADIF for IOTA contest now exports IOTA reference too. (TNX 9A2NO, DK8ZZ)

Ver 2.1.5

 Load contest at startup was broken because country file is loaded too late in previous version. Fixed.
 Problem with WPX determination for calls such as 7QNL fixed. (TNX UA6AA)

Ver 2.1.4

 CH canton removed in Helvetia contest. (TNX HB9ELV)
 Volga contest config file serial number alignment was left, instead of right. Fixed. (TNX RW4NW)
 SCP database lookup from external database is now disabled for WRTC contest type. Only "In log search" is allowed.
 New contest config parameter   DXCC_DB_USE_ARRL_LIST. Allows to use ARRL country list instead of CQ country list.
 This means that all countries from CTY.dat file with main prefix starting with '*' sign will be ignored.
 UA2 QSO party   40m band filter was wrong in points calculation in config file. Fixed. (TNX 9A1AA)
 VC 2010 RTM check removed from setup because of problems with Win8.1. (TNX UA6AA, E73Y)
 Information on targets tab in statistics window wasn't refreshed properly when new qso was logged. Fixed. (TNX 9A1AA)
 Target file export fixed to include hours with zero qsos. This is needed to properly display hourly comparisions. 

Ver 2.1.3

 Gray line map now shows grayline twilight zone (civil or nautical). Also, it can show graylight zone based on D and F layer calculations. (TNX N6TV)
 New contest supported: New England QSO party (NEQP).
 New contest supported: 7th Call Area QSO party (7QP).
 INQP config adjusted to accept entries from 7QP and NEQP. (TNX W9PA)
 New contest supported: Russian Championship. (TNX YT3W)

Ver 2.1.2

 During QSO saving in ESM mode, CW keyer was sending first letter of previously logged callsign before "TU" message. Fixed. (TNX YU7RL)
 Option "Tools->Data entry->ESM mode change focus on $LOGGEDCALL macro" state wasn't properly restored after restart. Fixed.
 DXCluster window opening (ALT+O) was broken if stream history logging was active under some circumstances. (TNX YU7RL)
 New contest supported: Indiana QSO party   INQP. 
 Grayline world map is now available.
 Sunset/Sunrise time calculation algorithm changed.
 Added sunset/sunrise colors to clock window.
 New contest supported: UA1DZ Memorial Cup.
 When Shift+Fx key was pressed while recording was already in progress, error exception was shown. Fixed. (TNX DF1QR)
 Due to moving log to SQLite format, QSO times were converted to local time zone when log was loaded, instead of UTC. Fixed.

Ver 2.1.1

 DXN file format is now changed to SQLite database format.
 QTC file is now included in DXN file, separate file isn't needed anymore.
 ADIF export: OPERATOR field is visible in operator logged during qso logging. (TNX DF1QR)
 Repeat timer wasn't refreshed when changed with RPT text command. (TNX JG1VGX)
 Fixed some problems with dx cluster stream / spot logging. Code works much faster now.
 ALT+Y and CTRL+F3 shortcuts now changing station type for active qso line.
 If active line is new qso line, station type is changed for all new qsos. (TNX OK1RI)
 New text commands added: RUN, MULT, RUN1, RUN2   change station type according to text command.
 Cabrillo file is now sorted during export according by time of qso, sent serial number (if contest uses one) and qso id.
 Band changes are now calculated together with rates when scrolling through the log. (TNX OK1RI)
 URAL Cup contest   sent nr field was hidden. Fixed. (TNX R9IR)
 New contest supported: DIG QSO Party.
 Load/Export target files options added.
 New statistics options available. Targets are now visible in Statistics window and can be compared with actual log.
 Statistics by continent available.
 Copy as image option added to statistics and summary windows.
 Copy as text option added to statistics window. 
 CQ MM DX contest config live score contest name parameter added to allow posting of score to cqcontest.net. (TNX PY3KN)
 Helvetia contest config line to calculcate HB->DX qso correctly. (TNX HB9DUR)
 Frequency warning file added for Helvetia contest. (TNX HB9DUR)
 File->Export->Summary file option added.
 During Cabrillo export, user is prompted for Summary file creation.
 When ALT-F4 (return to CQ freq) command was issued in case of Yaesu FT2000/5000 radio, sub vfo (VFO-B) tx was always activated. Fixed. (TNX RZ3AZ)

Ver 2.1.0

 Number server was broken because of changes regarding number reservation per station type. Fixed during WPX SSB.
 If number server is used, when callsign is double clicked in bandmap or dxcann window, number isn't reserved automatically anymore until spacebar isn't pressed.
 It doesn't depend on station type anymore. 
 Bugfix: QSO editor. When some space characters after received report were deleted, exception was raised after moving focus back to Rcvd field.
 LOCATION tag in Cabrillo added for CQ WPX Contest.
 CATEGORY-OVERLAY is removed if overlay value is empty.
 Gab window is now hidden automatically after 15 sec delay, if it was opened automatically when GAB message was sent/received.  (TNX NQ4I)
 EA PKS63 and EA RTTY contest. Received exchange was copied from previous qso always. Config changed so copy works only for qsos with EA/EA6/EA8/EA9 stations. (TNX 9A6SJZ)
 Yuri Gagarin cup   config changed according to the rules for 2014   KEDR stations. (TNX IK2JUB)

Ver 2.0.25

 Contest recorder   drop down menu option MP3 Configuration wasn't implemented. Fixed. (TNX DK8ZZ)
 New interlock options added. Interlocking is now possible between multiple stations.
 It can be defined fixed (with multiple station IDs) or dynamically, based on status info received in network.
 Possible options are:
 1. Interlock with station(s) on same band
 2. Interlock with station(s) on same band+mode
 3. Interlock with all stations visible in status list
 Dynamic station list is built when TX is requested from info available in status list in that point of time.
 In multi op environment, when number server is used, number is automatically reserved when callsign bandmap or dx announcements window is 
 double clicked only if station type isn't Mult or Support.
 New contest supported: OK/OM DX SSB contest. (TNX OK1RI)
 Bugfix: when voice message was recording and play message was started before recording is stopped, DXLog.net was crashed. Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 Bugfix: K3 SPLIT CAT command wasn't implemented properly. Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 Bugfix: Radio internal DVK usage was broken. (TNX IK2NCJ, IK1HJS)
 Parsing DX spot comments for QSX frequency added. DXLog.net now looks for "QSX" text in comment and trying to parse valid frequency.
 If frequency is found, spot callsign will be marked with "*" before callsign and double click on such spot will change radio to split mode
 immediately. Valid QSX in comment can be full frequency or just KHz part. For example: QSX 3662 or QSX 662 will set split frequency
 to 3.662 in both cases. (TNX W9PA)
 Bandmap callsign color for multipliers was wrong for some contests when contest period was changed and received data wasn't copied
 by default from previous qsos. In that cases, DXLog.net needs to find data from guess database. Fixed. (TNX YT3W, 9A1AA, YU7RL).
 Warning message added when duplicate contest definition is found in AppData folder. Only first file with definition is loaded,
 any other file with definition for same contest name will be discarded and user will be notified about these files.
 New option available: Edit->Edit serial number. This allows to edit serial number for previous or current QSO entries. (TNX YU7RL).
 Sent serial number field for previous qso is now accessible by pressing TAB key, so user can easily edit sent serial number for previous qso. (TNX N6TV)
 Bugfix: cat command for SSB mode change was based on current band, not new one. Because of this, when band was changed from 40 to 20m
 mode was set to LSB (current band = 40m) instead of USB (new band = 20m). Fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 CQ WPX band changes rule for multi op stations (M/S & M/2) fixed according to the rules.
 JT65 mode added to DXpedition contest definition. (TNX E70T)
 Bugfix: DXCluster list editor exception happens when duplicate entries exists in cluster names. (TNX K3UK, N6TV)
 $ALTERNATECQ / $ACQ macro fixed, together with new definition for AlternateCQ scenario. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 CQ-MM contest definition fixed according to the rules. (TNX VE2EBL)
 SMR multiplier added to His Majesty The King of Spain contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: BDM RTTY WW Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: QRP HF RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: FOC BW QSO PARTY. Added FOC members database. (TNX F5IN)
 Ctrl+Shift+Fx key now opens message editor (or on the fly scenario editor), beacuse Shift+Fx in SSB mode starts message recording. (TNX IK2NCJ)

Ver 2.0.24

 ADIF import was broken when dxcc of callsign wasn't recognized correctly or callsign contains "EOR" text. (TNX E73Y)
 NAQP RTTY   RCVD field length expanded to same length as NAQP. (TNX KB9S)
 Cabrillo export definition checking added to prevent exceptions from export routine if Cabrillo line definition is missing in config file. (TNX DL1MAJ)
 VHF guess database lookup was broken after SCP & database optimization. Fixed. (TNX DL1MAJ)
 Contest recording is added.
 MMVARI form closing was causing runtime error. Fixed.
 Upgraded ObjectListView objects to v2.7.0.
 Different color for double multiplier is now available in Bandmap and DXC Announcements windows. (TNX IK2JUB)
 Hide dupe / invalid qsos and Display multipliers only settings are now saved in config and restored when log is opened / created.
 CWT config changed (new bands added). (TNX SA6AQP)
 CWOps database updated. (TNX SA6AQP)

Ver 2.0.23

 Digital modes recognition from bandplan when spot is received from DXC fixed. (TNX W9PA)
 Worked prefixes window was broken under some circumstances. Fixed. (TNX W8AKS)
 New rules for EA RTTY and EA PSK63 contest implemented. (TNX EA4ZK)
 Bandmap editor implemented. Check Bandmap properties in radio 1 or radio 2. 
 There are 10 different bandmaps available, default one which comes with installation and 9 which can be
 saved by user.
 Check partials and Check N+1 display order is changed now. N+1 algorithm is fixed.
 This windows now shows data first in following order:
 1. already worked calls, but not dupe
 2. dupe calls
 3. all other calls
 In each of these three groups, callsigns are sorted alphabetically.
 SCP is now rewritten to optimize performance. Regex queries removed.
 Cabrillo "LOCATION" tag added for ARRL contests.
 Databases for YU and E7 local contests are refreshed now. (TNX YU7RL)
 Live score auto posting setting is now remembered in dxn file and restored when file is opened.

Ver 2.0.22

 Wednesday MinTest Cabrillo output fixed according to the rules. (TNX RZ3AZ/UA5C)
 QTC network synhronization didn't worked properly for WAE RTTY contest.
 New contest supported: WRTC 2014.
 New option available: Commands->Live score->Use UDP broadcast. If checked, score will be broadcasted to selected 
 IP address/port instead of making post via http, as requested by WRTC 2014 committee.
 OK/OM DX Cabrillo fixed according to format requested by contest robot.
 WWPMC contest config check was broken. Fixed. (TNX 9A4CD)
 Multiplier check routine from recinfo field was broken and call wasn't added to bandmap when received
 from dxcluster. Fixed.
 NAQP rcvd field expanded to support longer names. (TNX W9PA)
 NAQP config fixed by the rules. (TNX W9PA)
 Network time server was creating time info packets with local time info, instead of UTC. Fixed now.
 Regex processing routing had bug when processing RCVD field under some conditions. Fixed now. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 New contest supported: BALKAN HF CONTEST. 
 New contest supported: Tesla Memorial HF CW Contest.
 Marconi Memorial HF CW Contest config file changed according to the new contest rules. (TNX IK6BAK)
 Multiplier count for NA Sprint contest fixed according to the rules. (TNX W9PA)
 Added prefill database for NA Sprint. (TNX W9PA)

Ver 2.0.21

 FileStream buffer wasn't correctly flushed to disk, which caused corruption of DXN file. Fixed now.
 OK/OM DX Cabrillo export fixed error with received field.
 New contest supported: WAEDC RTTY.
 Fixed some bugs in QTC Send screen. (TNX R9IR)

Ver 2.0.20

 New contest supported: JARTS WW RTTY Contest. (TNX 9A7R)
 New contest supported: Kirov region cup. (TNX RM4N)
 VGE SPRINT contest fixed according to the rules. (TNX EA4ZK)
 Rate display refresh was broken when entering new qso. It was only refreshing during log scrolling. Fixed.
 Fixed WAG Cabrillo import problem. (TNX DF1LX)
 ARRL Sweepstakes: added prefill database. (TNX W9PA)
 New contest supported: OH local contest Viitosten Syysottelu. (TNX OH6XX)
 New contest supported: DARC 10m DIGITAL Contest (Corona). (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: ARRL RTTY Roundup. (TNX YT3W) 

Ver 2.0.19

 Send spot (ALT+F3) window wasn't shown if DXCluster was disconnected but network connection was active. Fixed. (TNX NQ4I)
 Partner window callsign double click and popup delete and delete all function wasn't implemented. Fixed. (TNX G4BYG)
 New macro commands supported: 

$SPACEBAR same as $SPACE (press spacebar in currently active field) $CHECKCALL move focus to callsign and press spacebar $GUESSEXCH try to guess exchange, focus stays in currently active field $LOGQSO silently save QSO (useful in ESM + S&P mode) $CTRLPLUS same sa $LOGQSO $FOCUSCALL move entry focus to Callsign field $FOCUSRCVD move entry focus to Rcvd field $FOCUSREC1 move entry focus to RecInfo field $FOCUSREC2 move entry focus to RecInfo2 field $FOCUSREC3 move entry focus to RecInfo3 field $FOCUS1 change Focused radio to Radio 1 $FOCUS2 change Focused radio to Radio 2 $SWAPFOCUS change Focused radio to opposite Radio $GRABPARTNER grab next call from partner window into callsign field in current entry line

 New bandmap properties available:

Bandmap entries added by the operator Clear log fields: Always, Never, When dupe. Defines if log entry will be cleared or not when entry is added to bandmap manually. Search & Pounce options Wipe QSO Log entry will be cleared if radio frequency is changed Populate bandmap Current log entry will be added to bandmap if radio frequency is changed Only if callsign looks valid bandmap will be populated if callsign looks like valid callsign Frequency change threshold defines for how many Hz radio frequency needs to be changed to activate previous function Send spot automatically when QSO is logged If checked, when radio is in S&P, DXC spot will be automatically send to DXC when QSO is logged.

 New contest supported: EA local contest   Concurso Nacional de Sufijos (CN de Sufijos)
 Bugfix: Bandmap spots (list data) wasn't refreshed always when band was changed, because radio band property was changed
 after event was raised. Fixed. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 WAG contest: added warning messages in warning file type (see wag_warning.txt in database directory). (TNX DL8MBS)
 New option available: Tools->Data entry->Enable CW Cut Numbers Translation.
 When checked and if RCVD field accepts only numeric characters, RCVD field will accept A, N, T, E & U characters also.
 These five characters will be translated druing QSO save procedure into: 1, 9, 0, 5 & 2. (TNX N6TV)
 New contest supported: EA local contest SPRINT VGE. (TNX EA4ZK)
 New window available: Operating info. Shows operating data information such as Radio1/2 mode, RUN/SP mode, TX/RX status, listening
 mode status, CW WPM speed etc.
 Radio1 & Radio2 WPM speed can be defined for each radio if Options->CW->Enable different R1/R2 speed is checked. Default is checked.
 New text commands available: 

NOSYNCCW enable different R1/R2 speed (no CW speed synchronization) SYNCCW disable different R1/R2 speed (CW speed for R1 and R2 are synchronized) SYNCSPEED set opposite radio CW speed to same value as focused radio CW speed

 DOK database new version included. (TNX DK5TX)

Ver 2.0.18

 Interlock   New option added: "Last one wins if msg is" 
 If checked, this will interrupt interlocked radio tx when msg on the air is one of selected messages in 
 "If is/not msg" drop down items.
 CQP_db.txt prefill database added in distribution. (TNX W9PA)
 Callsigns from database files are now shown in Check partials and N+1 windows even if they don't exists in SCP file.
 If time delimiter in regional settings was different than ":", exception was raised. Fixed to accept any delimiter. (TNX IK2NCJ)
 Network partner mode is now supported.
 TRC contest prefill database added. (TNX F5IN)
 New option available: ESM mode change focus when LOGGEDCALL macro sent.
 If checked, $SPACE macro will be activated each time when $LOGGEDCALL macro is sent and ESM mode is active.
 Default is unchecked.
 OmniRig com object wasn't release properly on application close. Fixed. (TNX N6TV, JG1VGX)
 Some Yaesu models didn't display split mode properly in bandmap indicators. Fixed. (TNX JG1VGX)
 Digi mode freq correction was wrong in case of PSK modes when LSB mode was used on radio. Fixed. (TNX DK8ZZ)
 Bandmap freq display was too big when using large fonts in Windows. Fixed. (TNX 9A3XV)
 Automatic RUN/SP mode switching is now available. You can enable/disable this with menu option
 Tools->Data entry->Enable automatic RUN/SP selection or by text commands (AUTORSP/AUTORSPON and NOAUTORSP/AUTORSPOFF). 
 When enabled, it will switch DXLog to SP mode when you change frequency for more then 200 Hz from CQ frequency.
 When you are back within 200 Hz of CQ frequency, you will be switched back to RUN mode.
 If you change RUN/SP mode manually, this function is disabled until first message (F1..F7, INS, PLUS) isn't sent.
 By default, this isn't enabled. (TNX 9A3XV)
 Exchange guessing logic fixed. Now it always set field flags to unchanged when they are prefilled from previous qso or
 callsign databse. (TNX N6TV)
 When callsign was double clicked in bandmap or announcements window and DXLog should change frequency and mode,
 order of CAT commands was wrong. Mode command should be sent before frequency command. Fixed. (TNX E77DX/OE1EMS).
 RIT functions are now available from DXLog.net. SHIFT+UP, SHIFT+DOWN and SHIFT+DEL shortcuts have such functions.
 SHIFT+DEL clears RIT. SHIFT+UP/DOWN moves ritoffset 10 Hz (ore one step) down and up. Please note that SHIFT+UP moves
 rit offset in minus direction to work in same way as CTRL+UP which grabs first upper spot from band map (lower frequency).
 $13 macro added. This will send carriage return (CR) character in digi modes.
 New options available in Radio setup screen:
 ICOM CI-V address: you can change default CIV address for ICOM radio here if needed.
 Use radio internal DVK:  if checked, DXLog.net will send command to radio to start playing prerecoder message in radio internal voice keyer.
 Use CAT PTT command on phone: if checked, when mode is phone, CAT tx command will be sent to radio to start TX.
 Stopping the message (escape key) when working in Advanced SO2R mode now works on the following way:
 1. If listen mode is stereo ($R1R2) when esc is pressed, listen mode will stay stereo.
 2. If listen mode is mono ($R1R1 or $R2R2) when esc is pressed, listen mode will be changed to the mode which was active at message start. (TNX N6TV)
 F11/ALT+W (wipe) function was stopping REPEAT mode. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 CTRL+G function didn't set properly active qso line when moving in the log. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 New options available: Tools->Message editors.
   Enabled SO2R scenario on the fly editor   if checked and operating mode is advanced SO2R, editor for standard message (SHIFT+F key)
   will show also active SO2R macro lines for radio1 and radio2, so you can edit it quickly without opening full scenario editor.
   On the fly editor focus on scenario line   if checked, when on the fly editor window is shown, line with focus will be radio 1 or
   radio 2 scenario (depends if user pressed SHIFT+F key in when radio 1 or radio 2 has focus). If not checked, standard cw message

line will be focus. Of course, user can change focus in the editor screen by pressing on TAB SHIFT/TAB key. (TNX IK2NCJ, N6TV)

 New shortcuts available: 

ALT + UP/DOWN changes radio frequency for 10 Hz SHIFT + ALT + UP/DOWN changes radio frequency for 100 Hz

 Bandmap "jumping" when spot is clicked is now fixed. This was happening because frequency was set to radio object and sent to CAT.
 Now, if radio object exists (cat mode is active), frequency is just send to CAT, and when received from radio, it is changed on
 the screen. If CAT is not used, frequency will be just changed in bandmap.
 New option available: Operating->Carrier (CTRL+T). Allows you to tune the radio.
 Bug fix: COPYLOG and COPYLOGCLEAR functions were reversed. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: no word space is sent between logged call and serial no, for early QSOs (1-9). (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: CTRL+TAB/CTRL+SHIFT+TAB implementation was wrong when focus was on radio 2. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: ESM mode. Now sends correctly exchange when in S&P mode. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: old spots loaded from history file. Fixed, now loads only spots not older then 30 minutes. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: Check Callsign window doesn't update until you hit spacebar. Now updates immediately when match is found if auto exchange guessing is on. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: After logging a QSO with PLUS, that callsign didn't immediately show up in the Check Mult window on the just-logged band. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: Hitting [Plus] when a QSO line is completely empty displayed red error message "Callsign needs at least one number". Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: F7 (sending a question mark) didn't *immediately* halt a repeating CQ. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: For CQP, *Pts* column wasn't properly centered under the heading.  *Stn* column also off by 1. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: DB file loader didn't ignore comments. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: Repeating CQ delay timer settings wasn't saved in config. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Time ON/OFF calculation fixed to match ARRL Sweepstakes / NAQP rules. (TNX N6TV)
 Bug fix: Cursor width wasn't recalculated when log font was changed. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 New contest supported: Ten-Meter RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: TARA RTTY Melee Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: NRRL Field Day. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Arktika Cup. (TNX YT3W)
 New option available: Options->Automatic backup. If automatic backup is enabled, it will create copy of log file at chosen location
 every XX minutes. Period is chosen by user. Also, LGS formatted file can be created on same location during backup process.
 Automatic backup is run in background thread, so it doesn't stop main thread from usual work. LGS file created during automatic backup
 process is also created in same background thread.
 New option available: File->Export->Log search format. Export currently opened log in LGS formatted file.
 WAG Contest outside DL: Worked German districts window wasn't enabled. Fixed. (TNX EA5FQ)
 New contest supported: Makrothen Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 OK/OM Contest prefill database added. (TNX EA5FQ)
 HamCAP integration implemented: CTRL+P now launch HamCAP application for callsign typed in callsign field. (TNX N6TV)

Ver 2.0.17

 If you hold down Control key during application start, it will be possible to override some settings remembered in
 application config file when application was started previous time (size, opening last log automatically etc).
 "~" sign can be used in messages to concatenate multiple macro (or macro and text) in one word (without spacing between 
 commands or commands and some text)
 New option added: Options->CW->Add spacing when stacking messages.
 If checked, when you stack couple of messages during CW keying, DXLog.net will insert space character between each message
 automatically. Default is unchecked.
 Other standard and additional messages now can be called as macro in additional messages when keying from ALT+C screen.
 If WinKeyer was enabled on port, but serial port didn't exists, exception was raised. Fixed. (TNX YT3W)
 New option available: File->Clean log.
 You can clean log file from qsos with yourself, Dupe qsos or remove /QRP extensions from qso.
 Fixed MMVARI, MMTTY and 2Tone modes now. It should work OK for FSK and AFSK modes. (TNX W4TV).
 MMTTY and/or 2Tone external process was started without setting working directory which caused a problem with
 .ini file config saving in SO2R operating mode. Fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 New option added: File->Export->Text file.
 Log file can be exported in simple txt tab delimited file which can be used for further analysis.
 FT-1000D supported added. (TNX EI3JE)
 RTTY FSK mode is now supported in MMVARI decoder.
 New contest supported: RSGB UKAC 6/4/2m & 70/23cms. (TNX 2E0SQL).
 New options added in status window. You can show/hide some columns, as well as change sorting method. (TNX NQ4I)
 New transceiver supported: TenTec Orion. (TNX NQ4I)
 All bands/periods state is now remembered in each of the Worked multipliers windows. (TNX N6TV)
 Radio Ant/Status window now shows also more interlock information. You can see which station is blocking you and
 what message is sent on that station. In case it is manual tx request (for example footswitch requested), msg is
 shown as MAN (manual). Also, if tx and interlock blocking is requested by CW/RTTY keyboard, msg will be shown as
 Bugfix: TX/RX switching was broken when using DSR COM port switch for PTT (footswitch). Fixed now.
 Number server / local number synchronization is fixed now. Successfull number reservation is now also shown in status
 bar in main form.
 If log is opened and File->New was clicked, active log was closed after config screen was filled. On slower computers
 closing procedure wasn't handled properly and opening of new log was broken. This was changed on the way that user is
 warned that log is prompted to close active log before continuing with new log creation procedure. (TNX 9A7R)
 New bandmap option added: Show network stations.
 If checked, network stations position will be visible in bandmap. Station ID is also shown.
 ICOM CI-V protocol changed to support radio polling.

Ver 2.0.16

 Additional space character between letters was added when using CW/RTTY keyboard (ALT+K). Fixed now. (TNX G4BYG, XE2K)
 Regex checking for valid callsign/rcvd entry was added when callsign/rcvd was selected by clicking in digi mode 
 decoder RX window.
 Improved callsign regex validation in digi mode decoder rx windows.
 If worked callsign is same as callsign entered in contest config screen, QSO is automatically marked as invalid.
 It will be possible to delete such qsos later with clean log option from menu.
 SCP search can be started after 2nd character in callsign. Default is after 3rd character. See Check partials form,
 drop down menu. (TNX N6TV)
 New CW/RTTY macro commands added: 
 $QSOB4WIPE   if qso is dupe, sends QSOB4 message and clear current qso row
 $CLEARRIT    clear RIT on currently active radio (works on radio which supports this command). (TNX N6TV, DF9DD)
 New option added: Options->CW->Speed limits. You can set minimum or maximum CW speed. Default min = 20, max = 60 wpm. (TNX RZ3AZ)
 CQ WW RTTY default message fixed for US stations (added $EXCHANGE macro). (TNX W9PA)

Ver 2.0.15

 Network time synchronization was running when Number server was enabled. Fixed to run only
 when Time synch server is running. (TNX R9IR)
 Network GAB messages were shown on all network PC's, without checking destination.
 Now fixed and GAB messages is shown on all PC's only if message destination is "ALL" or when client
 responding to DXCluster talk message. In other cases, GAB message will be shown only on PC which
 station ID is same as message destination address. (TNX 9A3ZA)
 Network GAB messages are now saved by default to history file and loaded when log is opened.
 User can switch this off by unchecking "Save to history file" pop-up menu option in GAB window (ALT+I)
 DXC Cluster stream and DXC Spots are now saved to history files. This can be switched off in 
 DXC Announcements window (ALT+A) and DXC Cluster window (ALT+O).
 CW Keyer stop message was delayed until next CW element was sent. Fixed. (TNX RZ3AZ, N6TV, OE1EMS, YU7RL)
 When using DIGI modes, if macro message contains $LOGGEDCALL macro command and current logged qso callsign is
 empty, DXLog.net automatically grabs last known (highlighted) callsign from TX/RX window. (TNX 2E0SQL)
 MMVARI window was opened in BPSK mode by default, even if contest was RTTY only. Now changed so that during window
 initialization new mode is set to currently active mode for radio. (TNX 2E0SQL)
 When using keyboard and longer text (for example from macro) was sent, if user closed keyboard window by clicking on
 X in right upper corner, TX was iddling after message was sent. Now changed on the way that TX is stopped immediately
 if keyboard window is closed (by clicking X, or button). (TNX 2E0SQL)
 New shortcut introduced: CTRL+PLUS now silently save QSO when ESM mode is enabled.
 MMTTY RTTY decoder is now supported.
 2Tone RTTY decoder is now supported.
 New options available: Secondary decoder for Radio 1 and Radio 2.
 Options->RTTY configuration menu is now available.
 User can choose primary/secondary decoder type for each radio. Default is MMVARI.
 MMTTY / 2Tone decoders should be installed before usage.
 Fixed OmniRig frequency "rounding" problem.
 CW word spacing is now corrected to right values.
 Options->Log menu is now shown also as context popup-menu after mouse right click in the log. (TNX N6TV)
 When Alt key only was pressed, top menu was accessed. Now fixed. (TNX N6TV)
 Additional CW/RTTY messages can be transmitted from editor window (ALT+C). (TNX N6TV)
 Installer now remembers installation directory from previous versiona and in case of upgrade,
 it will propose same installation directory. (TNX N6TV)
 New contest supported: CNCW (EA local contest).
 Live score mode fixed for CQ WW RTTY contest. 

Ver 2.0.14

 Live score post now option was active only when Enabled auto posting was checked. Fixed.
 Fixed problem with Thread polling in WinXP systems when CW keying is running.

Ver 2.0.13

 Fixed MMVARI baud rate was reset to default whan changing sound card selection.
 Fixed "File in use" error when downloading CTY_WT_MOD.dat update. (TNX W9PA)
 CQP: changed dupe calculation from band/mode to band/mode/county. (TNX N6TV)
 New option added: Tools->Data entry->Exchange guessing.
 User can select between 3 options:
 - Pressing the space bar
 - Automatically
 - After timeout
 CQ WW scoring for NA<->NA stations was wrong. Fixed. (TNX NQ4I)
 DX Spots in network didn't propagate to clients monitoring window (ALT+O). (TNX NQ4I)
 Spot station (ALT+F3) and Talk to DXC (ALT+T) are now enabled when network is enabled.
 CTRL+TAB was switching RUN/SP mode always on radio 1, and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB on radio 2.
 It's changed to: 
 CTRL+TAB switch RUN/SP mode on primary (active radio)
 CTRL+SHIFT+TAB switch RUN/SP mode on secondary (inactive radio) (TNX N6TV)
 Dupe info wasn't refreshed in SCP windows when double qso check mode was based on received info field. (TNX N6TV)
 DXCluster talk messages are now shown in GAB window.
 Talk messages can be responded in GAB window by selecting destination callsign for GAB message.
 New contest supported: Polar radioman contest. (TNX 9A1AA)
 New contest supported: Georgia QSO party.
 New contest supported: Florida QSO party.

Ver 2.0.12

 microHam internal DVK keyer is supported now.
 SSB bargraph added. Active during recording / playing DVK messages on sound board.
 Tooltips with additional informations are added on Bandmap windows. (TNX OE1EMS/E77DX)
 Fixed DXCAnnouncements window double click problem. (TNX DH2WQ)
 DUPE text is now shown in mult column if worked QSO is DUPE. (TNX N6TV, R9IR)
 Double click on callsign at Check partials and N+1 window now grab callsign into actual QSO entry window.
 New contest supported: DRCG World Wide RTTY. (TNX DM5TI)
 ICOM 746 radio was ICOM 746 PRO. Renamed. (TNX SV1DOO)
 New radio support added: ICOM 746.
 CW timing issues. Added internal compensation factor. Should be more precise now.
 Network ping message introduced. If response is not received in 30 seconds, network is restarted on client.
 Sending spots (ALT+F3) was disabled when connected to other dx cluster. Fixed now. (TNX R9IR)
 Adding QSO notes (ALT+N) command is now available.
 BARTG SPRINT and BARTG SPRINT75 splitted in two config files.
 BARTG SPRINT and BARTG SPRINT75 config corrected according to the rules.
 New contest supported: TRC-DX Contest. (TNX F5IN)
 New option added: Options->Interface specific configuration->Use MMVARI center frequency correction
 Default is checked.
 If checked DXLog.net will calculate actual frequency as frequency from radio +/  MMVARI carrier center frequency.
 This corrected frequency will be used as actual bandmap frequency, dxspotting frequency and stored as frequency 
 where qso was made.
 MMVARI new options added: Sound card RX, Sound card TX.
 Allows user to choose which sound card will be used for RX and TX in each of the MMVARI Radio windows.
 Default value is windows default sound card setting.
 New contest supported: Wednesday mini contest. (TNX RZ3AZ)

Ver 2.0.11

 Double click on Check callsign or Check multipliers data now immediately scrolls log to clicked qso.
 Tools->Repeat loop option was broken (txt command was OK). Fixed now. (TNX DK5TX)
 Redefine keys wasn't working properly when destination key included Shift modifier. Fixed now. (TNX DK5TX)
 OmniRig is now supported.
 ADIF import is redesigned and optimized for faster import.
 The hyphen or minus key (-) quickly activates/deactivates Split mode.
 Command line arguments "-n" or "--noautoload" can be specifed to override Load contest at startup option.
 WAEDC contest   DX side QTC sending is now enabled.
 WAEDC contest   added info messages for number of QTCs available/received/sent/in stock etc.
 Floating windows option was broken. Now fixed. (TNX DF1LX)
 Check multipliers window data was display only for MULT1 field. Now it uses first field in sequence MULT1, MULT2, MULT3
 which isn't empty. (TNX DK5TX)
 QTC network messages added. QTC synchronization is on and data is synchronized between stations in network.
 Options->Log->Fonts->Large wasn't properly restored after log opening. Fixed. (TNX G4BYG)

Ver 2.0.10

 Version numbering is changed as of version 2.0
 Footswitch PTT function on serial port (DSR pin) is now available.
 Software interlock is available now.
 Number server is implemented.
 Multi op band / mode change counters are available and can be defined by category in config files.
 SO2R is now supported.
 Fixed CW keying problem with COM port 10 and above.
 UBA Contest rules changed for year 2014.
 SCWC config fixed because of problems with special letters in category names when using Win8 OS. (TNX YT3W)
 Tesla memorijal local YU V/U/SHF contest is now supported. (TNX YT3W)
 New option added: Redefine keyboard keys (Text command: DEFINEKEYS).
 New text commands added: SETUP (configure interfaces) and WRITELOG (Export cabrillo file)
 GTC CW Cup Config changed: new rules for 2013.
 Serial port communication is now fully moved to low level API access.
 New contest supported: OK1WC Memorial HF Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New SO2R boxes supported: Microham MK2R/MK2R+/u2r. (TNX Jozef OM7ZZ from Microham).
 Standard cw messages editor available.
 Search and Pounce mode implemented.
 User can select between Run/S&P mode with Ctrl+Tab (Radio1) or Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Radio2).
 Additional cw messages available (editor + msg 1..12 with macros $MSG1..$MSG12).
 Added search and pounce messages set (available in editor and SHIFT + key editor)
 Sprint exchange logic implemented. (TNX N6TV).
 CW Shortened spaces implemented. Can be enabled or disabled.
 Country files can be selected between CTY.DAT, CTY_WT.DAT and CTY_WT_MOD.dat. 
 SO2R Scenarios editor implemented.
 SO2R Scenarios can be used in Advanced SO2R mode. 
 Active scenario can be selected on menu or shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+1..8)
 Active radio, Headphones and Stereo RX mode control is now possible on serial ports.
 Zoom level on bandmap is saved in and restored from configuration file.
 If $CR macro exists in CW message when esc is pressed, $CR macro is executed anyway.
 New option available: Options->DX Cluster->Reconnect default DXCluster at start.
 BUG fix: Keyboard mode was sending spaces between each character.
 The "<" and ">" keys now works as field navigation.
 OK button is now default one on SETUP screen.
 New text commands: REOPEN/RELOAD and REOPENNOW/RELOADNOW   reopens current log
 CTRL+K, CTRL+A and CTRL+E key combinations now works on entry fields.
 CW speed is saved in and restored from configuration file.
 CW leading zero and abbreviation settings are saved in and restored from configuration file.
 Hide QSO numbers setting is now saved in and restored from configuration file.
 All fields except callsign field are in overwrite mode now.
 New text commands: VER/VERSION   shows about screen.
 Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+Shift+Down now navigate through bandmap.
 When in repeating mode, pressing F1 while CQ is running, stops current CQ, and restarts new one
 from the start.
 Changed max length RecInfo field for CW Open contest to 12 characters (contest txt config file changed).
 Cursor position in field is now remembered and restored while scrolling through log with up/down arrows.
 Message keys F1..F7, INS and PLUS are accesible in keyboard window.
 Esc key now closing keyboard window if TX isn't active.
 BUG fix: there was a bug in procedure for processing cat data from Kenwood, Elecraft and some Yaesu type of radio.
 The exception was not properly handled and serial port communication was immediately closed.
 DXCluster Announcements window display options are now saved in and restored from configuration file.
 Recent opened files list is available in File menu. Last 4 opened logs are remembered.
 New option added: Options->Load contest at startup->Enabled/Disabled.
 If enabled, most recent log file is automatically opened after application start. Default is disabled.
 Microphone muting functions while using Sound card as DVK implemented.
 Works on older Windows (XP, 2000) and newer versions (Vista, Win7 etc).
 New option added: GOTO Qso (Shortcut CTRL + G). Jumps to desired QSO number in the log.
 New option added: Options->CW->Remap keys in keyboard mode. 
 If checked, KEY remapping works when CW keyboard is active. Default is unchecked.
 New option added: Options->CW->Work dupes (Text commands: WORKDUPE/WORKDUPEON, NOWORKDUPE/WORKDUPEOFF).
 If work dupes is checked/activated, $QSOB4 macro doesn't send QSOB4 message if QSO is dupe.
 NumLock key is now ignored as key for redefinition.
 New option added: Commands->Operator login (Text commands: OPON/LOGIN, OPOFF/LOGOFF).
 If operator is logged on, callsign is associated with any new qso logged.
 Also, operator callsign is used for different voice memories (subdirectory is equal to logged on callsign).
 New option added: Options->Interface specific options->Allow different TX/RX antenna.
 If checked, TX and RX antenna can be different (selected with ALT + F11 / F12 keys).
 TX/RX antenna is automatically switched before PTT ON and after PTT OFF.
 Default is unchecked.
 New option available in config interfaces screen: PTT Tail Delay (ms).
 Network protocol is changed. DXLog.net V2.0 will run on new network protocol.
 New option added: Tools->Data entry->Enable ESM mode (Text commands: ESM/ESMON, NOESM/ESMOFF).
 If checked, ESM (enter sends message) is enabled. Default is unchecked.
 New contest supported: RCC Fieldday.
 Bug fix: when CAT interface was active on two radios, polling function was sharing same address space. Now it is
 changed to run in different address spaces. (TNX N6TV)
 New option added: Options->Log->Stay in field while moving up and down in the log. Default is checked.
 Bandmap function: Alt->Doubleclick   put frequency in opposite vfo.
 Bandmap function: Ctrl->Doubleclick   quickly delete desired callsign from bandmap.
 New text field editing shortcuts implemented: Ctrl+B, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+K.
 DXCluster monitor window (ALT+O) now shows connection name and status in titlebar.
 Multi-threading functions are recorded for better internal synchronization and more stability.
 New contests supported: NA Sprint, NCCC Sprint.
 New text commands available: AUTORELOAD / NOAUTORELOAD (same function as Options->Load contest at startup->Enabled/Disabled)
 New text commands available: CLEARLOG / CLEARLOGNOW (delete all qsos from active log file)
 New text commands available: COPYLOG / COPYLOGCLEAR (copy active log file to new log file with timestamp added to name)
 In case of COPYLOGCLEAR command, log is copied as empty, without any qso in it.
 New option added: Edit->Delete all qso (same as CLEARLOG text command).
 Export Cabrillo file now has default name same as active log file, with different extension (.log). 
 User can change it in dialog available before saving.
 New text command available: BYE (same as EXIT / QUIT)
 New text command available: NEW (same as File->New)
 New text command available: OPEN (same as File->Open)
 New text commands available: NET/NONET & NETON/NETOFF (enable/disable DXLog.net network communications).
 New text commands available: NETCONFIG (same as Options->Configure network).
 New text commands available: ILOCK/NOILOCK & ILOCKON/ILOCKOFF (enable/disable DXLog.net sw interlock).
 New text commands available: CTYFILES/COUNTRYFILES (same as Options->Data files->Country files).
 ICOM 746 added to the list of supported radios.
 New callsign database for Serbian HF Cup (YU Local contest) is included in new release. (TNX 9A1AA)
 Cabrillo import is now fixed when fields are optional or different and depending on DEST parameters.
 For example. (NA Sprint, NCCC Sprint etc). 

Ver 1.1.17 (20-Jun-2013)

 Live score posting to cqcontest.net is implemented now. (TNX RW4WM)
 Time ON/OFF counters implemented in rate window.
 Time ON/OFF information is added to summary text info (copy as text).
 Status info window is available now (shortcut ALT+J).
 Network messages for status info window are implemented.
 Multi/Single ten minute rule counters are available now (visible in status info window).
 Station type can be selected at Commands->Station type menu.
 LPT port keying was broken in previous version. Fixed now. (TNX 9A1AA)
 New menu actions are available to switch antenna from software, if multiple antennas are available
 for same band (Commands->Antenna selection ->Change TX / Change RX). Shortcuts ALT+F11 / ALT+F12.
 Currently selected RX/TX antenna is visible in status bar. This will be moved to new window in software.
 When using LPT port band data for antenna switching, currently there isn't possible to set different antena for TX/RX.
 This feature will be implemented too, but need more testing because of possible relay hot switching problems.
 Some contest config files are changed where live score contest name is not same as contest name for Cabrillo file.
 WAG contest: default CW messages for DL stations now points to $EXCHANGE variable, and for non-DL stations to $SERIAL.

Ver 1.1.16 (12-Jun-2013)

 Cabrillo format for Portugal day contest is now fixed. (TNX 9A1AA)
 Fixed Cabrillo entry for TB-WIRES category in CQ WPX Contest. (TNX 9A6C)
 New contest supported: Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest.
 New contest supported: Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest.
 CAT protocol was broken on FT-897D. Now it is OK. (TNX 9A6SJZ)
 VFO A/B selection now should work on Kenwood radio too.
 Bandmap list vertical scroll doesn't reset on top position anymore when new spot is received.
 New bandmap display options added (hide dupes and invalids + show multipliers only).
 Clear bandmap command working now.
 UR oblasts database is now included in distribution. (TNX YT3W)
 EZMaster antenna matrix support is implemented.
 LPT port configuration screen changed to provide band data info on LPT port pins, DVK control etc.
 LPT bcd band data is implemented now. Defaults to Top-Ten Devices now, but there will be new config screen to configure pins if needed.

Ver 1.1.15 (08-Jun-2013)

 QSO frequency can be edited now in ALT+F screen. (TNX E70T)
 New contest supported: RCC Cup. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Aegean RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: DL-DX RTTY. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: DMC RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Russian «RADIO» RTTY WW Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Sainio CW Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Sainio RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Sainio SSB Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: UA2 QSO Party. (TNX YT3W)
 Bug fix: Helvetia contest definition double qso was calculated per band/mode, fixed to per band only. (TNX 9A1AA)
 Bug fix: Cabrillo/ADIF export was broken when RST field was shorter than expected. (TNX 9A9A)
 New radio supported: Yaesu FT-450.
 Bandmap active VFO now tracks active vfo on radio.
 Switching bandmap active vfo now sends cat command to radio to switch vfo.
 New contest supported: Ukrainian Radio Sport Team Championship. (TNX YT3W)

Ver 1.1.14 (23-Apr-2013)

 Bug fix: worked prefix display window was broken when callsign with multiple number was logged.
 New macro command available: $SPACE 
 Worked multipliers list window was broken when QSO with unrecognized DXCC was logged. (TNX OK1RI)
 Fixed some threading problems in check partials methods.
 Added 24 GHz band for EU V/U/SHF contests. (TNX 9A4QV)
 Fixed 50 MHz QSOs ADIF import problem when using DXPedition mode. (TNX J28AA/E70A)
 WWL locator database is now included for EU V/U/SHF contests.
 SCP search by recinfo value from database is now available.

Ver 1.1.13 (05-Apr-2013)

 SPDX database included. (TNX SP5KP)
 Bug fix: postcontest mode qso scrolling was broken when trying to scroll from UTC time field.

Ver 1.1.12 (29-Mar-2013)

 Fixed Veteran (YUOTC) contest.

Ver 1.1.11 (18-Mar-2013)

 New contest supported: Bucharesti HF International Contest.
 Bug fix: Cabrillo export for CQ WPX Contest.
 New contest supported: SARTG WW RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: SARTG New Year RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)

Ver 1.1.10 (15-Mar-2013)

 New contest supported: Russian Radio Team Championship. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Volga Federal District Radio Team Championatship. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RAC Canada Day Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RAC Canada Winter Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 Bugfix: SCWC Contest. (TNX YT3W)

Ver 1.1.9 (14-Mar-2013)

 New contest supported: RSGB CW National Field Day. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB RoPoCo Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB First 1.8MHz Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB Second 1.8MHz Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PODXS Ø7Ø Club PSKFest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PGA Test. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PGA-DIGI. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Polska WW BPSK63 Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PODXS 31 Flavors Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PODXS 40 Meter Firecracker Sprint. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PODXS 80 Meter Jay Hudak Memorial Sprint. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PODXS 160 Meter Great Pumpkin Sprint. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PODXS Valentine Sprint. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Goes hunting for wolves. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB Affiliated Societies Contests. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB Low Power Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB SSB Field Day. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB 80m Sprint Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: RSGB Club Calls Contest (1.8MHz AFS). (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Open Ukraine RTTY Championship. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Ural Cup. (TNX YT3W)
 YAESU FT-897 CAT communication supported.

Ver 1.1.8 (19-Feb-2013)

 New contest supported: EPC Ukraine DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: UK DX BPSK63 Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: CIS DX PSK Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: IOTA Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 ICOM IC-7410 CAT communication supported.

Ver 1.1.7 (15-Feb-2013)

 New contest supported: British Columbia QSO Party (BCQP). (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: AGCW YL-CW Party. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: KCJ TOPBAND Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: KCJ Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Asia Pacific Sprint Contest.
 New contest supported: RSGB 80m Club Championship. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Holyland Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Russian WW PSK Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: EPC Russia DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: EU PSK DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Sumadija PSK. (TNX YT3W)
 Fixed HQ stations calculation in BSCI contest. (TNX 9A1AA)

Ver 1.1.6 (01-Feb-2013)

 New contest supported: CQ-WE (Western Electric) Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 Multiple custom multiplier lists windows are available now.
 Fixed CW keyer problem when cw message is defined as single macro.

Ver 1.1.5 (30-Jan-2013)

 New contest supported: Triathlon DX contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: International NAVAL Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: NAQP   North American QSO Party. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: YO International PSK31 Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: ARRL Sweepstakes. (TNX YT3W).
 New contest supported: Black Sea Cup International (BSCI).
 DXCluster connection code is now redesigned for more stability.
 Serial port keying now working with access to serial port on WIN API level, 
 because of more accurate keying, problems with some USB->RS232 serial converters etc.

Ver 1.1.4 (17-Jan-2013)

 New contest supported: DTC   German Telegraphy Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Marconi Memorial HF. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: EUCW Fraternizing CW QSO Party. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: BARTG RTTY SPRINT & SPRINT 75 Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: BARTG RTTY SPRINT 75 Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: BARTG HF RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Baltic contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: PACC. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: EA PSK63 Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: EA RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Russian DX contest. (TNX YT3W)
 DARC 10m fixed invalid multiplier error.
 DOK database is now in valid format.
 MMVARI RX window now recognizes callsigns, multipliers, dupes etc.
 Implemented TX/RX switching when using digital modes.
 More bug fixes regarding mode reading when using CAT and MMVARI.

Ver 1.1.3 (10-Jan-2013)

 New contest supported: CQMM DX (CQ Manchester Mineira DX) Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: AGCWDL-QRP. (TNX YT3W)
 BUG fix: parsing of some custom fx was broken due wrong culture info. 
 New config field available: Operator name (OPNAME).
 Digital modes with MMVARI (author JE3HHT   MM HAM SOFT) engine supported and included in distribution.
 New contest supported: EPC WW DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 YU KT Maraton new rules supported. (TNX YT3W)

Ver 1.1.2 (07-Jan-2013)

 New contest supported: ARRL 10m Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Japan International DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: SP DX Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: 9KCC 15m Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Helvetia Contest.
 New contest supported: ES Open Contest.
 New contest supported: WW PMC Contest. 
 New contest supported: OK DX RTTY Contest. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: QRP-QRP Party (by AGCW-DL). (TNX YT3W)
 BUG fix: score summary display by mode was broken. 
 BUG fix: custom multiplier list width was wrong when mult group was visible.

Ver 1.1.1 (03-Jan-2013)

 New contest supported: DARC 10m Contest.
 New contest supported: LZ Open Contest.
 New contest supported: Hungarian DX Contest.
 New contest supported: CQ WW 160-Meter Contest.
 New contest supported: REF Contest.
 Changed extension for DXLog log files from .dxl to .dxn because of collision with DX4WIN software
 (file open still allows to open old extension, but in new log creation there is only .dxn extension allowed)
 BUG fix: letters on clock window was overlapped when using bigger fonts. (TNX 9A6SJZ)

Ver 1.1.0 (02-Jan-2013)

 Fixed some problems with ARRL DX contest definition.
 Added startup splash screen.
 New fonts are now embedded with application.
 Fixed problems with true type font errors during the exit from application.
 Networking: fixed some problems with socket exception errors.
 Networking: contest checking is now implemented when establishing connection.
 Networking: CW message synchronization can be initiated on network now.
 Networking: QSO logging can be disabled on some PC when in network. Instead of saving QSO, callsign is added to bandmap.
 New contest supported: EU CW 160m QSO party.

Ver 1.0.52 (22-Dec-2012)

 New contest supported: AGB Party. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: ARI DX. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: ARRL DX. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: CQ WPX RTTY. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: HSC. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: NRAU. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: VU DX. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: CQ-M. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: UBA. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge.
 BUG fix: DXCC_DB_TYPE / DXCC_DB_FILENAME   wasn't read from config file, it was hardcoded to CTY + CTY.dat. (TNX YT3W)
 BUG fix: Russian 160m contest   R1AN* station points calculation. (TNX YT3W)
 Custom multiplier grouping is available now in config file.

Ver 1.0.51 (14-Dec-2012)

 Russian 160m contest   fixed R1AN calculation.
 New config function added: RGX_GUESS_DB. Now regex can be used for guessing exchange for not worked stations.
 For example: database is now implemented for Russian oblasts.

Ver 1.0.50 (14-Dec-2012)

 Added CQ repeat loop function. This can be activated in Options->CW->Repeat loop menu or
 with text command RPT (deactivated with NORPT txt command or click in menu option).
 Repeat loop active status is visible at bottom of Rate window.
 New contest supported: Russian 160m contest.

Ver 1.0.49 (13-Dec-2012)

 WinKeyer initialization was broken in previous version. Now fixed. TNX 9A2HM.

Ver 1.0.48 (13-Dec-2012)

 Fixed prefix multiplier list window display.
 Fixed Cabrillo contest name for TAC contest. (TNX YT3W)
 Added grouping for different contest type in contest selection combo.
 New contest supported: AGCW HNY. (TNX YT3W)
 New contest supported: 21 Decembar. (TNX YT3W)
 WinKeyer supported.

Ver 1.0.47 (04-Dec-2012)

 Fixed some bug in CAT frequency reading when bandmap spot is clicked.
 CQ frequency is now marked on bandmap.
 ALT+F4 returns to CQ frequency.

Ver 1.0.46 (02-Dec-2012)

 Fixed mult calculation by band for TAC contest. (TNX 9A1AA)
 Bandmap list is now scrollable.
 Bandmap is clickable now.

Ver 1.0.45 (01-Dec-2012)

 New contest supported: TAC

Ver 1.0.44 (03-Nov-2012)

 New contest supported: Ukrainian DX Contest (URDXC).

Ver 1.0.43 (18-Oct-2012)

 New contest supported: Worked All Germany (WAG).
 New contest supported: OK/OM DX Contest.
 Cabrillo export fixed in case of wrong mode from CAT. TNX 9A6SJZ.
 Bandmap is now implemented (list + regular bandmap layout)
 Database file checking now working also for multiplier determination for
 spots received from DX cluster.

Ver 1.0.42 (02-Oct-2012)

 Default window/configuration settings are saved when log is closed. They are used for defaults
 when new log is created.
 GTC contest definition is now fixed. TNX SV5DKL.
 Added GTC members database. TNX 9A1AA.

Ver 1.0.41 (20-Aug-2012)

 Fixed DXC info display when points are based on distance (V/U/SHF contest).
 Fixed Cabrillo output for IARU HFC contest. TNX 9A2TE.
 Add support for VHF/UHF bands in new dxpedition mode. TNX 9A6NDD.

Ver 1.0.40 (18-Jun-2012)

 Fixed some bugs in Cabrillo import process.
 GTC CUP rules changed, according to new rules. TNX SV5DKL.
 New contest supported: His Majesty The King of Spain.
 Fixed CAT initialization problem with FT-847. TNX DL5SWB.

Ver 1.0.39 (08-Jun-2012)

 New contest supported: Portugal day contest.
 New contest supported: WWSA GACW.

Ver 1.0.38 (08-Jun-2012)

 New contest supported: UNDXC.
 New contest supported: EURO 2012 QSO Party.
 New contest supported: EU FF Green QSO party.

Ver 1.0.34 (17-Nov-2011)

 New contest supported: LZ DX.
 New contest supported: Sumadija. TNX YT3W.

Ver 1.0.33 (30-Sep-2011)

 Fixed CW generating problems (now complete running on performance counters)
 MMTTY integrated with DXLog.net for RTTY contests (this is still in testing phase)
 New contest supported: CQ WW RTTY
 Bug fix: page up scrolling was broken when scroll starts from previous qso line
 It's possible to import QSO's from ADIF log file (when current log is opened)

Ver 1.0.32 (21-Sep-2011)

 Fixed distance (QRB) calculation formula. TNX 9A2HM, 9A2MI & 9A6C.
 Fixed EDI export CW mode. TNX 9A6C, 9A2HI
 Network protocol v1.0 is included now.
 QSO rate statistics added.
 Moved to performance counters for CW timing calculations instead of multimedia timers
 because of higher accuracy.
 New contest support: First Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup.
 Bug fix: final score calculation for KTKS contest now works OK. TNX YT3W.
 Bug fix: bandmap / dxcluster now doesn't change active qso period.
 Period up/down shortcuts are changed to CTRL+F10/F11, because statistics window shortcut is CTRL+F9.

Ver 1.0.31 (07-Sep-2011)

 INVALID QSO message fixed for VHF/UHF/SHF contest. TNX 9A9L.
 New contest support: California QSO party (CQP).
 New contest support: Oceania DX.
 New contest support: EU Sprint.
 New contest support: Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC).
 Added N+1 check partials support.
 Added bandmap / dxc properties editing form.
 New config option to remove decimal points in avg point calculation.
 Added ODX data on rate window (for VHF/UHF/SHF contests). TNX 9A6C.
 Mode field can be visible in qso list form (enabled by default for VHF/UHF/SHF contests).

Ver 1.0.30 (26-Aug-2011)

 $CORRECT CW macro now sends corrected call sign.
 Text color changes now work OK in rate window.
 Alt+F3 now sends DX spot to cluster.
 Added Copy to text option on Summary window context menu.
 Added Copy to text option on Worked DXCC window context menu.
 Added YU DX contest support. TNX YT3W.
 DXLog.net windows can be independent of main window. TNX YT3W & YU1LM.
 New contest support: IARU Region 1 Fieldday (DARC rules).
 DXC Announcements and bandmap windows now resize OK with bigger fonts. TNX 9A1AA.
 DXC Announcements modify/delete functions now works OK.
 Fixed points column width on log screen (last digit wasn't visible when QRB was 1000 km or more). TNX 9A6C.
 Frequency marker added and activated on bandmap window.

ver 1.0.29 (15-Aug-2011)

 Fixed ADIF export bug. TNX 9A1AA.

ver 1.0.28 (15-Aug-2011)

 New contests supported: RDA Contest, YO DX HF Contest, CW Ops   CWT,  All Asian
 Improved CW sound monitor.
 New contest databases handling added into contest config files. 	
 Moved on WIX installation script instead of Install Shield LE.

ver 1.0.27 (14-Aug-2011)

 Fixed problems with decimal signs in frequency from CAT. TNX 9A1AA.
 New radios supported:	Yaesu FT-847, Yaesu FT-857D, Yaesu FT-2000. TNX YT3W.

ver 1.0.25 (13-Aug-2011)

 New contests supported: WAE DX, CW Ops   CW Open.
 Fixed some bugs with QTC entries.