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Supported contests

List of supported contests (version 2.2.11)

HF CW/SSB Contest

  1. 7th Call Area QSO Party (7QP)
  2. 9A CW
  3. 9KCC 15-m Contest
  4. A.R.I. International DX Contest
  5. AGB Party Contest
  6. AGCW Happy New Year Contest
  7. AGCW QRP Contest
  8. AGCW YL-CW Party
  9. All Asian
  10. Arktika Cup
  11. ARRL 10-Meter Contest
  12. ARRL 160-Meter Contest
  13. ARRL DX
  14. ARRL Sweepstakes
  15. ASIA-PACIFIC Sprint Contest
  17. Baltic Contest
  18. Black Sea Cup International (BSCC)
  19. British Columbia QSO Party (BCQP)
  20. Bucuresti HF Contest
  21. California QSO Party (CQP)
  22. CQ World Wide
  23. CQ WPX
  24. CQ WW 160-Meter Contest
  25. CQ-M International DX Contest
  26. CQMM DX (CQ Manchester Mineira DX) Contest
  27. CQ-WE (Western Electric) Contest
  28. CWOps - CW Open
  29. CWOps - CWT
  30. DARC 10m Contest
  31. DARC XMAS-Contest
  33. DTC - German Telegraphy Contest
  34. ES Open Championship
  35. EU HF Championship
  36. EU Sprint
  37. EUCW 160m CW party
  38. EUCW Fraternizing CW QSO Party
  39. EUFF Green Party
  40. EURO 2012 QSO Party
  41. Florida QSO Party (FQP)
  43. Georgia QSO Party (GQP)
  44. Goes hunting for wolves
  45. Greek Telegraphy Club (GTC) CW Cup
  46. Helvetia Contest
  47. His Majesty The King of Spain
  48. Holyland Contest
  49. HSC Contest
  50. Hungarian DX Contest
  51. IARU HF Championship
  52. IARU Region 1 Fieldday (DARC)
  53. IARU Region 1 Fieldday (RUS)
  54. Indiana QSO Party (INQP)
  55. INORC Contest
  56. International Naval Contest
  57. IOTA Contest
  58. Japan International DX Contest
  59. KCJ Contest
  60. KCJ Topband Contest
  61. LZ DX
  63. LZ Open 20M Contest
  64. LZ Open Contest
  65. Marconi Memorial HF
  66. NA Sprint
  67. NA Sprint SSB
  68. NAQP - North American QSO Party
  69. Nauryz DX Contest
  70. NCCC Sprint (NS)
  71. New England QSO Party (NEQP)
  72. NRAU - Baltic Contest
  73. NRAU NAC 10m Contest
  74. NRRL Field Day
  75. Oceania DX
  76. OK-OM DX Contest
  77. OK-OM DX SSB Contest
  78. Old New Year Contest
  79. PACC Contest
  80. Polar Radioman Contest
  81. POPOV Memorial Contest
  82. Portugal Day Contest
  83. QRP-QRP-Party
  84. RAC Canada Day Contest
  85. RAC Canada Winter Contest
  86. RAEM International Contest
  87. RCC Fieldday
  88. RCC-CUP
  89. RCWC Mini-test
  90. RDA Contest
  91. REF contest
  92. RSGB 21 / 28MHz Contest
  93. RSGB 80m Club Championship
  94. RSGB 80m Sprint Contest
  95. RSGB Affiliated Societies Contests
  96. RSGB Club Calls Contest (1.8MHz AFS)
  97. RSGB CW National Field Day
  98. RSGB First 1.8MHz Contest
  99. RSGB Low Power Contest
  100. RSGB RoPoCo Contest
  101. RSGB Second 1.8MHz Contest
  102. RSGB SSB Field Day
  103. Russian 160m contest
  104. Russian DX contest
  105. Russian Radio Team Championship
  106. Russian WW MultiMode Contest
  107. Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC)
  108. SP DX Contest
  109. Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge
  110. TAC
  111. TESLA Memorial HF CW Contest
  112. TRC-DX
  113. Triathlon DX contest
  114. UA1DZ Memorial Cup
  115. UA2 QSO Party
  116. UBA Contest
  117. Ukrainian DX Contest (URDXC)
  118. Ukrainian Radio Sport Team Championship
  120. Ural Cup
  121. Volga Federal District Radio Team Championatship
  122. VU International DX Contest
  123. WAPC - Worked All Provinces of China DX Contest
  124. Wednesday mini-contest
  125. Worked All Europe DX
  126. Worked All Germany
  127. WRTC 2014
  128. WW PMC Contest
  129. WWSA CW
  130. YO DX
  131. YU DX
  132. Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest

HF Digital Mode Contests

  1. Aegean RTTY Contest
  2. ARRL RTTY Roundup
  3. BARTG HF RTTY Contest
  5. BARTG RTTY SPRINT75 Contest
  6. BDM RTTY WW Contest
  7. CIS DX PSK Contest
  8. CQ World Wide RTTY
  9. CQ WPX RTTY Contest
  10. DARC 10m DIGITAL Contest (Corona)
  11. DL-DX RTTY
  12. DMC RTTY Contest
  13. DRCG World Wide RTTY
  14. EA PSK63 Contest
  15. EA RTTY Contest
  16. EPC PSK63 QSO Party
  17. EPC Russia DX Contest
  18. EPC Ukraine DX Contest
  19. EPC WW DX Contest
  20. EU PSK DX Contest
  22. Makrothen Contest
  23. NAQP RTTY - North American QSO Party, RTTY
  24. OK DX RTTY Contest
  25. Open Ukraine RTTY Championship
  26. PODXS 160 Meter Great Pumpkin Sprint
  27. PODXS 31 Flavors Contest
  28. PODXS 40 Meter Firecracker Sprint
  29. PODXS 80 Meter Jay Hudak Memorial Sprint
  30. PODXS Ø7Ø Club PSKFest
  31. PODXS Valentine Sprint
  32. Polska WW BPSK63 Contest
  33. QRP HF RTTY Contest
  34. RSGB 80m Club Championship Data
  35. Russian «RADIO» RTTY WW Contest
  36. Russian WW Digital Contest
  37. Russian WW PSK Contest
  38. SARTG New Year RTTY Contest
  39. SARTG WW RTTY Contest
  40. SCC RTTY Contest
  41. SPDX RTTY Contest
  42. SRR Digital Cup
  43. TARA RTTY Melee Contest
  44. Ten-Meter RTTY Contest
  45. UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest
  46. UK DX BPSK63 Contest
  47. Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest
  48. Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest
  50. XE RTTY International Contest
  51. YO International PSK31 Contest


  1. EU VHF/UHF/SHF Contest
  2. NAC Open

DXPedition mode

  1. DXPedition mode
  2. HF+VHF/UHF DXPedition mode

9A local contest

  1. Hrvatski radioamaterski kup
  2. Kup Jadrana
  3. Zimski KV Kup

E7 local contest

  1. 21 decembar

EA local contest

  1. CN de Sufijos
  2. CNCW
  3. Naranja CW

ES local contest

  1. ES-LL-KV

HB local contest

  1. HB Xmas

Italian local contest

  1. ARI 40/80
  2. CQ Bande Basse Italia

LA local contest

  1. NRRL Vintertest

OH local contest

  1. Sainio CW Contest
  2. Sainio RTTY Contest
  3. Sainio SSB Contest
  4. Viitosten Syysottelu CW Contest
  5. Viitosten Syysottelu RTTY Contest
  6. Viitosten Syysottelu SSB Contest

OK local contest

  1. OK1WC Memorial HF Contest

RSGB local contest

  1. RSGB UKAC 6/4/2m & 70/23cms

Russian local contest

  1. Kirov Region Cup
  2. Russian Championship

S5 local contest

  1. KV Prvenstvo ZRS

SP local contest

  1. PGA Test

YU local contest

  1. KT KUP Srbije
  2. KT SCWC
  3. Novi Beograd
  4. Sumadija kup
  5. Sumadija kup PSK
  6. Tesla Memorijal V/U/SHF Contest
  7. Veteran
  8. Vidovdan
  9. YU KT Maraton

Contest Configuration Files

All specific contest definition parameters are specified in plain text configuration files (*.txt) which are included with the DXLog.net download.
Standard versions of the config files are stored in the Contest sub-directory of the DXLog.net installation directory.
During DXlog.net start, the relevant contest config file is copied over from the Contest sub-directory to the user's personal application data directory (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\DXLog.net\Contest on Windows 7), if the original version is newer than the one stored in the Application data directory. Avoid keeping older versions of the same contest config file in that directory as DXLog.net may ignore the newer file if they have the same CONTESTNAME definition.
The contest config files contain all the relevant information required for DXLog.net to calculate QSO points, multipliers and all other data required for the specific contest.
A custom multiplier list can also be included in the config file, if this is required.
Contest points calculation is completed by regex (regular expressions) values, based on source, destination or configuration data.
It is possible to specify some exceptions to the rule if required, for example, different multiplier calculations depending on which DXCC you are operating the contest from.

Creating / editing config files can be done with a simple text editor, such as Notepad++ or similar.

For information on creating and editing contest configuration files see the Contest_definition section of this WIKI.