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Jump to navigation Jump to search project was started by Kresimir Kovarik, 9A5K during the summer of 2011, with the goal to
create the most intuitive, easy to use, and versatile contest logging software available. has a classic look-and-feel and follows a long standing tradition in keyboard shortcuts and other UI components. is still under development. New versions offering new features and defect corrections are released on a regular basis.

Download the latest version from

Authors and Contributors

The late Kresimir (Chris) Kovaric, 9A5K, is the original author of the software and wiki.

Thanks to 9A1AA, 9A6C, DK8ZZ/VE3ZIK, E77DX/OE1EMS, IK2NCJ, N6TV, W9PA, YT3W, K1XM, SM7IUN,
and every registered user for their continuous support, new ideas, bug reporting and testing of

Thanks also to Jim M0CKE, Ken K6MR, and Björn SM7IUN for improving the documentation WIKI.

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