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The project was started by the late Kresimir (Chris or Krešo) Kovarik, 9A5K, in the summer of 2011
with the goal to create the most easy to use and versatile contest logging software available.

DXlog has a classic, keyboard-centric, look-and-feel and builds on a long standing tradition in
keyboard shortcuts and other user interface elements.

Dxl prev2.png

Krešo was a central person in the Balkan ham radio community and a globally renowned and generous contester,
which included participation in WRTC.

He was also a software professional which, among other things, has given DXLog perhaps the most
powerful scripting system and the most advanced support for complex contest rules of all contest loggers.

Krešo holding the Croatian team sign at WRTC 2018

Shortly before Krešo's key went tragically silent in the early spring of 2019, his close friend
Krassy, K1LZ, acquired all rights to the software, including the source code, and decided to donate
the program to the ham radio community.

At this time a small team was also formed to maintain and develop the software. The team is led by Paul K1XM.

Later in the spring Krešo was posthumously inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame for his
contributions to ham radio contesting. The induction speech by Krassy K1LZ can be viewed HERE.

Krassy's induction speech at CQ Contest Hall of Fame 2019

DXlog is still under development. New versions offering new features and defect corrections are released on a regular basis.

The latest version can always be downloaded from HERE.

Authors and Contributors

The late Kresimir (Chris) Kovaric, 9A5K, is the original author of the DXLog software and wiki.

The DXLog community owes gratitude to 9A1AA, 9A6C, DK8ZZ/VE3ZIK, E77DX/OE1EMS, IK2NCJ, K1XM, N6TV, SM7IUN, W9PA, YT3W,
as well as every registered user for their continuous support, new ideas, bug reporting and testing of DXLog.

A special thanks to Ingo SM5AJV for developing and contributing the software for the always-up-to-date list of supported contests.

We would also like to thank Jim M0CKE, Ken K6MR, and Björn SM7IUN for spending endless hours maintaining and extending this wiki.