[DXLog.net - Support] Devtest

Braco OE1EMS oe1ems at emssolutions.at
Tue Sep 10 07:08:38 CEST 2013

.just test new dev version of dxlog


Amazing how fast is import and export of adif or cabrilo J

Even on slow machine
..yesterday it took me at least

7 min or more to import 50k qso from ADIF

Now less then 5 sec and export back adif something like 0,4 sec !!!

Well done!


Is look like that omni rig and split mode as requested from N6TV is working
fine now

I need to test it more!


and repeat tool  working fine as well !


according some test for remote operations

no idea why I can´t connect trough ser cable of HRD to winkey, PTT and MH

3rd part serial port of HRD working fine and I can read the freq!


Waiting for greyline map and RTTY QSO NR in status window!





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