[DXLog.net - Support] Strange spots from 3V/KF5EVY

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 09:10:47 CEST 2017


Anyone experiencing strange spots from one of RBN skimmers, namely

This skimmer adds a digit in front of the callsigns.  It means that the
cluster inside DXlog is always showing double spots for each call which is
spotted by 3V/KF5EVY.  Also, when clicking on his spots, the call sign does
not appear in the log, but only that didgit in front.

I contacted Ash and asked him what is going on... According to him, nothing
is changed from the output of the skimmer. Also N4ZC, Pete, is involved in
the discussion.

Anyone else that it experiencing this problem the last few days??  A week
ago, all his spots were ok (like all other spots).  Anyone that has the
same problem with Win-Test, N1MM or other software - or is this related to
some issue with DXlog?

73 de Mats RM2D

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