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Postcontest mode

This menu option activates postcontest mode.
In this mode, user enters QSO time manually. It's used for entering QSO's from paper logs, post contest.
Initially, date of first QSO is equal to current date. User can change this with Edit QSO Date, Time option, and all QSO's entered in log after this action will be logged on that date.

Restore QSO

Shortcut: CTRL+Z
This option will undo any changes made in current edited previous QSO in the log.

Initialize QSO

Shortcut: F11 / ALT+W
This option will erase all the fields in currently edited QSO. Initialize QSO option doesn't delete already logged QSO.

Edit QSO Date, Time

Shortcut: ALT+F
Allows you to edit QSO date and time on previously logged QSO.
In postcontest mode, you can set the date on current QSO which will be used for all QSO's logged afterwards.
Of course, in the log, you can change it to another date later if needed.

Time date edit.png

Add QSO Note

Shortcut: ALT+N
Allows you to add a note about the currently focused QSO. Notes are saved in plain text file and can be viewed with simple text editor.

Qso note.png

X-QSO flag

Shortcut: CTRL+X
Marks the current QSO as an X-QSO. The QSO will not be counted in the log and will be exported to the Cabrillo file as an "X-QSO:" line. QSY timers and dupe checking will ignore this QSO. This flag is propagated throughout the network.

Goto QSO

Shortcut: CTRL+G

Allows you to to move into the log to a known qso number.

Once the window open put the number and press "goto" button.


Delete all QSO

Shortcut: NONE

This command will delete ALL qso in log.


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