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Text command: NEW

This menu option will create new DXLog log file in a folder of your choice.

It is recommended to use a separate folder for each contest.

For more information, see the getting started section.

DXL ContestConfig1.png


Text command: OPEN

Opens an existing DXLog log file.


Text command: CLOSE

This menu item is only visible with an open log.

Closes the currently open contest file without closing the DXLog application.

Related text commands:


Reloads the current contest log and displays the configuration form.
Important: Will also reload scripts and contest definitions.


Reloads the current contest log without displaying the configuration form.
Important: Will also reload scripts and contest definitions.


With this option you can import QSO data from different sources.


Creates a new DXLog log from a Cabrillo file.
Only available when no log is open.


Creates a new DXLog log from a EDI log file. This is commonly used format for VHF/UHF/SHF contests.
Only available when no log is open.


This option is only enabled with an active DXLog log since an active contest's exchange
definition is required to correctly parse the ADIF.
Multiple files can be selected at import, with optional removal of duplicates and sorting.


Exports log information in a variety of formats.


Text command: WRITELOG or MAKELOG

Cabrillo is the most common contest log submission format. DXLog only supports Cabrillo 3.0.

Exports the log in Cabrillo format using UTF-8 encoding which permits the use of international characters in e.g. address fields.

If the contest's log robot has problem with international characters, use the ASCII export option.

If not disabled, the export action will also include an offer to upload the log file to the Super Check Partial database.
See Send log to Super Check Partial below.


QSO:  1800 CW 2015-03-30 1719 G2F           599 001   M0CHK         599 001   0  
QSO:  1800 CW 2015-03-30 1719 G2F           599 002   ON1TH         599 002   0  
QSO:  1800 CW 2015-03-30 1721 G2F           599 003   IK1RGT        599 019   0  

Grid locator will be included if filled and/or if the contest uses it.

CATEGORY-OVERLAY will be included if not empty or disabled in the contest definition.

CATEGORY-TIME and CATEGORY-LOCATION will only be included if used by the contest.

SOAPBOX entries will have to be added manually to the exported file.

The use of CATEGORY-ASSISTED is disabled on some contests.

For more information about CATEGORY-BAND, see the contest configuration section.

Cabrillo (Plain ASCII)


The file created is in ASCII with ISO-8859 encoding which means many international characters
are not supported in the address and soapbox fields.

This option is maintained for compatibility reasons.

Send log to Super Check Partial

Text command: SENDLOG

Offers the option to donate the log to the Super Check Partial online database to improve the accuarcy of the Check Partials window.

Clicking this option re-enable the below dialog at Cabrillo exports.

  • Clicking Yes or pressing Y will upload the log.
  • Clicking No or pressing N will do nothing.
  • Clicking Always or pressing A will upload the log every time a Cabrillo export is made without prompt.
  • Clicking Never or pressing E will not upload the log and disable the prompt when a Cabrillo export is made.



Text command: WRITELOG or MAKELOG (For contests with no Cabrillo export defined)

This option will create new .EDI file from the current log. (Mostly V/U/SHF contest logs are submitted in this format).

[END; v2.4.28 by 9A5K]


This option will create new ADIF .ADI file from the current log.
This format is typically used to transfer to web sites or to a master log.

<QSO_DATE:8>20200919 <TIME_ON:6>135220 <TIME_OFF:6>135220 <STATION_CALLSIGN:6>SM7IUN <FREQ:7>14.0207 <BAND:3>20M <CONTEST_ID:6>SAC-CW <STX:3>102 <MODE:2>CW <CALL:4>N6AR <RST_SENT:3>599 <RST_RCVD:3>599 <TX_PWR:3>500 <SRX:2>90 <OPERATOR:6>SM7IUN <APP_DXLOG_XQSO:1>N <EOR>
<QSO_DATE:8>20200919 <TIME_ON:6>135447 <TIME_OFF:6>135447 <STATION_CALLSIGN:6>SM7IUN <FREQ:7>14.0207 <BAND:3>20M <CONTEST_ID:6>SAC-CW <STX:3>103<MODE:2>CW <CALL:4>N9NC <RST_SENT:3>599 <RST_RCVD:3>599 <TX_PWR:3>500 <SRX:2>99 <OPERATOR:6>SM7IUN <APP_DXLOG_XQSO:1>N <EOR>
<QSO_DATE:8>20200919 <TIME_ON:6>135501 <TIME_OFF:6>135501 <STATION_CALLSIGN:6>SM7IUN <FREQ:7>14.0207 <BAND:3>20M <CONTEST_ID:6>SAC-CW <STX:3>104 <MODE:2>CW <CALL:4>K3WW <RST_SENT:3>599 <RST_RCVD:3>599 <TX_PWR:3>500 <SRX:3>129 <OPERATOR:6>SM7IUN <APP_DXLOG_XQSO:1>N <EOR>
<QSO_DATE:8>20200919 <TIME_ON:6>135606 <TIME_OFF:6>135606 <STATION_CALLSIGN:6>SM7IUN <FREQ:7>14.0207 <BAND:3>20M <CONTEST_ID:6>SAC-CW <STX:3>105 <MODE:2>CW <CALL:4>LZ5R <RST_SENT:3>599 <RST_RCVD:3>599 <TX_PWR:3>500 <SRX:3>192 <OPERATOR:6>SM7IUN <APP_DXLOG_XQSO:1>N <EOR>

QSO comment and QSL message can be configured independently.

Checking the option "Include dupe/mult information" will add a COMMENT to each QSO record
including the QSO's multiplier and dupe status. Checking this option will disable the option
to add a custom QSO comment.

Checking the option "include X-QSO" will include also QSO marked invalid (a.k.a. X-QSO) in the export and all
QSO records will include the application specific keys APP_DXLOG_XQSO and APP_N1MM_CLAIMEDQSO.
APP_DXLOG_XQSO has the value of "Y" for invalid QSO and "N" for valid QSO.
APP_N1MM_CLAIMEDQSO has the value of "0" for invalid QSO and "1" and for valid QSO.
DXLog will recognize this key at import to preserve the X-QSO status for each QSO in the log.

There is also an option to export only part of the log. The end time will be saved and used
as the new start time next time you export.

For compatibility with, for instance, ClubLog, and other online services truncating QSO to full
minutes, there is an option to do the same.

There is also an option to export ADIF with minial data to reduce file size to less than half.

Contest list

This option will create comma-separated .TXT file with a listing of all supported contest.
Each line contains three elements; the contest group, the contest name, and the live score contest name.
Cabrillo contest names containing {MODE} will have this replaced by the contest entry's mode when used.

DEFAULT,ARRL 10-Meter Contest,ARRL-10
DEFAULT,ARRL 160-Meter Contest,ARRL-160

Morse Runner database

This option will create new Morse Runner database from the currently loaded Super Check Partials database (MASTER.SCP).


Tab-delimited text

This option will create a tab-delimited .TXT file from the current log.
The first line is a header. The second line contains the column names. The third line and onwards are the QSO.
Since the length of the column headings and the QSO data may be longer than one tab step,
the text file may look misaligned when viewed in a normal text editor.

Log for IARU HF Championship exported from v2.5.19 in tab delimited format
IDQSO	QSOTime	Callsign	Band	Freq	Mode	SRST	Nr	RRST	Rcvd	Rec1	Rec2	Rec3	Stn	Operator	StnID	Points	Mult1	Mult2	Mult3	WPX	DXCC	CQZ	ITUZ
1	2021-07-10 13:22:07	LZ5R	15	21008.54	CW	599	1	599	28				R		SM7IUN_B	3	28			LZ5	LZ	20	28
2	2021-07-10 13:22:42	NO9E	15	21010.66	CW	599	2	599	08				R		SM7IUN_B	5	08			NO9	K	03	06
3	2021-07-10 13:23:19	LZ0HQ	15	21000.22	CW	599	3	599	BFRA				R		SM7IUN_B	1		BFRA*LZ		LZ0	LZ	20	28
4	2021-07-10 13:23:44	II3R	15	21004.98	CW	599	4	599	28				R		SM7IUN_B	3				II3	I	15	28
5	2021-07-10 13:24:20	KO7SS	15	21007.70	CW	599	5	599	08				R		SM7IUN_B	5				KO7	K	03	06

Excel CSV

This option will create a .CSV file compatible with Microsoft Excel from the current log.
The first line contains the column names. The second line and onwards are the QSO.
To secure compatibility with Microsoft Excel, the file always use the list delimiter,
time format, and number format from the computer's regional settings.
Important: Due to Microsoft's infinite wisdom, a file exported on a computer with
one locale may not open correctly in Excel on another computer with a different locale.
Example for a European locale with ISO time format, comma as decimal separator, and semicolon as list separator:

1;2021-07-10 13:22:07;LZ5R;15;21008,54;CW;599;1;599;28;;;;R;;SM7IUN_B;3;28;;;LZ5;LZ;20;28
2;2021-07-10 13:22:42;NO9E;15;21010,66;CW;599;2;599;08;;;;R;;SM7IUN_B;5;08;;;NO9;K;05;08
3;2021-07-10 13:23:19;LZ0HQ;15;21000,22;CW;599;3;599;BFRA;;;;R;;SM7IUN_B;1;;BFRA*LZ;;LZ0;LZ;20;28
4;2021-07-10 13:23:44;II3R;15;21004,98;CW;599;4;599;28;;;;R;;SM7IUN_B;3;;;;II3;I;15;28
5;2021-07-10 13:24:20;KO7SS;15;21007,70;CW;599;5;599;08;;;;R;;SM7IUN_B;5;;;;KO7;K;05;08

Plain CSV

This option will create a locale-independent .CSV for use with e.g. Linux-based analysis tools.
The first line contains the column names. The second line and onwards are the QSO.
The formatting uses comma as list separator, period as decimal separator. QSO time is in ISO format.

1,2021-07-10 13:22:07,LZ5R,15,21008.54,CW,599,1,599,28,,,,R,,SM7IUN_B,3,28,,,LZ5,LZ,20,28
2,2021-07-10 13:22:42,NO9E,15,21010.66,CW,599,2,599,08,,,,R,,SM7IUN_B,5,08,,,NO9,K,05,08
3,2021-07-10 13:23:19,LZ0HQ,15,21000.22,CW,599,3,599,BFRA,,,,R,,SM7IUN_B,1,,BFRA*LZ,,LZ0,LZ,20,28
4,2021-07-10 13:23:44,II3R,15,21004.98,CW,599,4,599,28,,,,R,,SM7IUN_B,3,,,,II3,I,15,28
5,2021-07-10 13:24:20,KO7SS,15,21007.70,CW,599,5,599,08,,,,R,,SM7IUN_B,5,,,,KO7,K,05,08

Log search data

This option will create a log search .LGS file from the current log.



This option will create new log summary .SUM file from the current log.

Start date      : 2019-11-23
Contest         : CQ World Wide
Callsign used   : SK3W
Operator(s)     : @SM3SGP SM5AJV SM5IMO SM7IUN SM0PHU
Mode            : CW
Category        : Single operator
Station         : Fixed
Overlay         : 
Band(s)         : All bands
Class           : High
Gridsquare      : JP80JH
Club/Team       : SK3W
Software        : 2.5.19 rev 0
Operating time  : 48h 00m
 160  900  25  97  27   1293 1.44
  80 1871  35 127  36   2802 1.50
  40 1867  38 148  41   3118 1.67
  20 1641  39 155  30   3418 2.08
  15  221  31 110   2    443 2.00
  10   44   5  24   0     45 1.02
TOTAL 6544 173 661 136  11119 1.70
      FINAL SCORE:9 273 246

Zone check

Creates a tab-delimited .TXT text file listing all QSO where the expected zone (CQ or ITU depending on contest)
for the call's DXCC entity differs from the received exchange.

Frequency data is using the decimal separator set by the computer's locale.

E.g. a QSO with SM7IUN in a contest with CQ zone as exchange where the received exchange is 599 11. Also QSO with uncertain or
indeterminable DXCC (such as /MM stations) are listed.


IDQSO	QSOTime		Callsign	Band	Freq	Mode	SRST	Nr	RRST	Rcvd	Stn	OpName	StnID	DBzone
41	2018-11-24 00:08:53	K9OM	80	3504.4	CW	599	41	599	05	R1	SM5AJV	A	04
412	2018-11-24 01:40:52	K9OM	160	1824.8	CW	599	412	599	05	R2	SM3SGP	D	04
635	2018-11-24 02:45:58	W6XR	80	3510.9	CW	599	635	599	05	R1	SM5AJV	A	03
780	2018-11-24 03:25:37	W7WZ	40	7061.5	CW	599	779	599	05	R2	SM5IMO	C	03
1250	2018-11-24 06:03:36	W7WZ	80	3512.2	CW	599	1249	599	05	R1	SM5CCT	A	03
1272	2018-11-24 06:08:40	K9GS	40	7039.5	CW	599	1271	599	04	R2	SM5IMO	C	05
1361	2018-11-24 06:35:00	WA5VGI	160	1831.6	CW	599	1360	599	03	R2	SM7IUN	D	04
1694	2018-11-24 08:09:32	AA6YQ	40	7045.8	CW	599	1693	599	05	R2	SM5IMO	C	03

Callsign check

Creates a tab-delimited .TXT text file listing all QSO with suspicious callsigns.

A suspicious callsign is defined as one that is neither present in the Super Check Partials database
nor in any prefill database file.


IDQSO	QSOTime		Callsign	Band	Freq	Mode	SRST	Nr	RRST	Rcvd	Stn	OpName	StnID
1	2023-09-25 04:49:48	SM7AAA	160	1822.0	CW	599	1	599	14	R	SM0HEV	STN1
3	2023-09-25 04:49:56	SM7BBB	160	1823.1	CW	599	3	599	14	R	SM0HEV	STN1
5	2023-09-25 05:24:36	DL2KIJ	160	1818.4	CW	599	5	599	14	R	SM0HEV	STN1
8	2023-09-25 05:24:56	YU5LP	160	1811.0	CW	599	8	599	15	R	SM0HEV	STN1

Errors and warnings

Creates a .TXT text file listing all band/mode change violations and other issues with the log, such as callsigns with indeterminable DXCC.


Errors and Warnings

Contest: CQ World Wide
Callsign: SK3W
Time: 2021-11-08 15:19:35

Band change violations
 1075 2019-11-23 05:55   3508.6 DL2MU
 5126 2019-11-24 10:56  14048.7 LZ5D

Invalid QSOs
 3305 2019-11-23 18:29   7002.4 D1DX
 4161 2019-11-24 01:05   1834.3 4U25B
 4634 2019-11-24 07:04  14048.1 D1DX
 5876 2019-11-24 15:50   7030.6 4U25B
 6175 2019-11-24 18:32   3514.8 D1DX

Clean log

Important: This menu item is only visible when no log is open.

Offers various options for cleaning up a log file.

Using this option during a contest is not recommended.

Merge logs

Important: This menu item is only visible when no log is open.

Allows the merging of different DXLog log files for the same contest and callsign to be merged into a single log file.

To mark several files, hold down [Ctrl] while selecting files in the file dialog box.

Update contest

Updates the currently loaded contest definition, and when applicable, warning and database files
from DXLog's online repository.

The online repository is continuously updated between public releases.
There are also sometimes last minute updates to databases or emergency updates
to contest definition files.

Since DXLog evolve with new features and other improvements to the contest definition file
syntax, the most recent contest definition file may not work with an older DXLog release.
DXLog will therefore only update files if you are running the most recent version of DXLog.
If DXLog is unable to determine this, you will be prompted.


After updating, a brief success report is shown and, if required, the log is is reloaded to make the updated
configuration come into effect.

Important: When updating, all own updates/edits of contest definition, database, and warning
files (also using e.g. Options|Data files|Update database) are lost.
To protect personal database files, locate them in a folder different from the default
location %APPDATA%\\Database.


Open configuration folder

Opens a Windows Explorer window with DXLog's configuration folder.


Text command: EXIT or BYE

This menu option will close the current log, release all interfaces and exit DXLog.

You will be prompted to confirm you want to quit. You can respond with a single keypress.