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Send a gab

Shortcut: ALT+G

Send gab.png

You can send a text message to all stations in the network or you can choose which station to send a message to from the drop down list.

Gab window.png

The Gab is a "pop-up" window, when a message is sent to all stations, each that is connected on the network will display the message in the Gab window, If only one station is selected then only that stations will display the message in it's Gab window

Shortcut for GAB chat window - "ALT+I"

The Gab chat window shows the message time, which station has sent the message and the message content.

The station ID can be modify so something more meaningful in "OPTIONS" -> "CONFIGURE NETWORK" -> "STATION ID"

KST Chat

KST chat is only available in the contest type EU V/U/SHF, When this contest is selected and loaded an additional windows menu item will appear.
On4kst menu.png

KST chat allows to communicate with ON4KST chat, this is often used by operators on the VHF/UHF/SHF bands.

On4kst window.png

To use, open the ON4KST chat window and connect, and when connected, use the Messages - Send KST Messages pop up window to send a registered callsign and password to log into the chat server.

On4kst chat.png

Once logged in chat messages will be displayed in the ON4KST chat window, to send further messages use the Messages - Send KST Messages pop up window.
The keyboard shortcut for this window is CTRL+ALT+G (AltGr + G)

To register to use this service see

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